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Black Fat Chocobo DLC


Last updated on November 21st, 2022 at 05:05 pm

The new Black Fat Chocobo DLC makes it one of the most popular video games. It is only natural that the new version of the Chocobo would be a huge success considering how they were already a staple in Final Fantasy’s Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy 14 gamers will be able to use the new Chocobo with its more detailed appearance.

This version, like all downloadable content is, will not be permanent. This promotional product will be available for a short time. It is recommended that you download the product now to ensure your purchase.

Final Fantasy 14

Amazon ran some cool promos during the summer 2019 for Final Fantasy 14 Online players. One of the many goodies was the Fat Black Chocobo Mount. You will need to make a $20 Amazon purchase in order to get the prize.

The digital code will be sent to you via email. Only Square Enix accounts located in North America can access the item code.

The Black Fat Chocobo is not the first time it has been used in this game. It was also used in a promotion in China two years back.

Although it is not known if the legendary gold chocobo will make a comeback, the new and improved chocobo certainly has racked up the pounds since his last appearance in the game.

This new chocobo has been spooked by many players. However, it is definitely worth giving it a shot.

The promotion is subject to limitations, as with all Amazon products. Make sure you read the fine print. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will not be eligible for Black Fat Chocobo.

Recoloration of a Fat Chocobo

Square usually gives Fat Chocobos away to players. It is very rare to find the black version. Square offered a white Fat Chocobo as a gift to its players in 2016.

Chocobo is a beloved character from Final Fantasy. It has been featured in many spin-offs. It’s also the base for Mii Fighter headgear. Chocobo headgear, which was part of the fifth wave DLC Mii Costumes, was made.

The Chocobo Whistle can be used to call Chocobo from a specific location. The Whistle is 50 Gil per day. It can be found near mechanics at the Rent-A-Bird kiosk.

Side quest Friends of a Feather uses the Chocobo Whistle. This quest allows you to ride Chocobos. Players can also decorate their Chocobo by adding up to four racing medals.

Chocobo Chick can be summoned only in the Deluxe Edition. This summon is available only in the Deluxe Edition. It is covered with large yellow feathers. It is more difficult to control than other Chocobo species because its beak is smaller.

Only Deluxe Edition players can get the Chocobo Chick. It can also be added to the inventory of the player at the beginning of the game.

Promotional offers are only valid for a short time

You can tame this most sexy of beasts by using the right combination power supplies, care and feeding. As the bad boy watches over your living room or desk, it is not easy to keep him in the saddle. This feat is not possible for everyone. You will be the alpha male and will win. There will also be a few bottles of wine. The sexiest beast of all will be the most prominent sight for some time. This will likely mean that a few of the most passionate beasts enthusiasts will have to go out and wreck havoc if they want to make the sexiest beast of all.

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