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How to Plan Your Expenses When You Have Health Insurance with Maternity Cover 


Every phase of our lives require some sort of planning to be done, and childbirth is no different, especially with it being a magical experience for would-be parents. This experience requires both physical and emotional preparation. Emotional preparation in the form of peace of mind is extremely important for the good health of the baby and the mother.  

How to Plan Your Expenses When You Have Health Insurance with Maternity Cover 

In terms of physical preparation, managing money and expenses is the first thing that springs to mind. This is because over the past few years, medical expenses, specifically relating to maternity, have become increasingly exorbitant. Hence, it is important to have health insurance with maternity cover while planning for children. This will help you in enjoying the blissful journey of childbirth without worrying about money and medical expenses.  

Maternity cover in a health insurance policy offers several benefits, which include: 

  • Pre-and post hospitalization expenses relating to maternity are a part of the insurance policy. However, this is only valid for expenses incurred 30 days before the delivery and 60 days post-delivery. 
  • Hospital charges like room charges, surgeon fees, nursing fees are also under the purview of the maternity cover. 
  • Delivery expenses, as well as post-delivery complications, are also included in the insurance policy. 
  • Insurance coverage for the newborn is also provided for 3 months from the time of birth.  

It is also important to note that health insurance with maternity cover has some exclusions in the form of infertility tests and treatments, IVF (In vitro fertilization), doctor consultation fees, birth disorders, non-allopathic treatment (treatments such as Ayurveda, Unani, and Homeopathy), treatment of AIDS, and dental treatment.  

Plan Your Expenses Using Health Insurance with Maternity Cover 

Health insurance with maternity cover is available as an add-on and also as an in-built feature in some plans. One should take into account the premium cost when opting for such policies along with the benefits offered.  

The cost of premium also depends upon the sum insured, risk factor, and age profile. Thus opting for maternity insurance helps in saving expenses in the short and long term. Adding a maternity cover to your financial plan should be done 3-4 years before your pregnancy. This is because the maternity insurance may have a waiting period of a few years, depending on policy terms and conditions.  

Pregnancy is an expensive affair, with delivery costs for normal or caesarean ranging from ₹30,000 to ₹2,00,000i. Hence, you need to choose health insurance with maternity cover that takes care of maximum expenses and has little or no sub-limits. A sub-limit is a restriction placed on the amount of coverage in either a fixed form or as a percentage of the insured sum.  

Deciding on such an insurance policy also helps in preventing expenses vis-à-vis taxes. As per Section 80D of the Income Tax Actii, you can claim a deduction on insurance for yourself, your spouse, and your dependent children. This is attributed to the fact that premium paid on health insurance is exempted from being taxed.  

Another way of controlling and planning your expenses during your pregnancy is to opt for health insurance with maternity cover from an insurer that has a large hospital network and provides you with cashless claims facility. As the name suggests, cashless claims are those payments that are not made by you but directly by your insurance provider to the partner hospital.  

Cashless claims remove the hassle of paying cash to the hospital, making multiple calls or visits to the insurer’s office branch for reimbursement. In addition, having cashless health insurance is important in times of emergency since you may not have immediate access to cash, which would delay treatment.  

Don’t Hedge Your Bets Without Health Insurance 

Planning your annual and even your monthly expenses is a smart idea as it helps track your money. Unknown expenses can greatly derail your finances as well as your life in general.  

With medical treatment and costs skyrocketing to new heights, especially during this pandemic period, it is more important than ever to purchase health insurance with maternity cover. Be sure to select credible insurance providers such as Care Health Insurance to avoid any disappointments in the future. Buying health insurance from a trusted insurer will help you plan your expenses and allow you to live a happy life with your family and children.