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Proxibid Inc. Is A Company Its Details Revenue And Turnover


Proxibid, Inc. is a company that operates in the Other Support Services industry and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At this site, Proxibid, Inc. employs one person. (The employee figure is based on a simulation.) The Proxibid, Inc. corporate family consists of two firms.

Proxibid, Inc. Company Overview

Proxibid, Inc About

  • Address: 2400 N 2ND St Ste 400 Minneapolis, MN, 55411-2247 United States
  • Phone: (763) 355-3985
  • Website: www.proxibid.com
  • Employee (this site): 1

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the location of Proxibid, Inc.’s headquarters?

The headquarters of Proxibid, Inc. are located at 2400 N 2ND St Ste 400, Minneapolis, MN 55411-2247 in the United States.

Q. What is the industry of Proxibid, Inc.?

Proxibid, Inc. is in the Other Support Services business.

Q. What is the phone number for Proxibid, Inc.?

The phone number for Proxibid, Inc. is (763) 355-3985.

Q. What is the address of Proxibid, Inc.’s website?

www.proxibid.com is the website of Proxibid, Inc.

Q. What is Proxibid’s revenue model?

He explains, “We don’t use the buyer’s premium as an income stream.” “It’s where we pay for things like credit card processing, Internet fees, and shipping. In most circumstances, the 8% covers these “Instances.” This auctioneer does not hold concurrent onsite sessions instead of relying on Proxibid for Internet-only sessions.

 Q. Is Proxibid a real thing?

Proxibid is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers to buy and sell things (“Listings”) using a variety of selling formats, including live and timed auctions (“Events”), among others.

Q. Is it possible to sell on Proxibid?

Do you want to sell something on Proxibid? Only the best auctioneers are allowed to participate in our marketplace. All clients must have a current auctioneer or auction firm license or have an employee or staff member with a current auctioneer license.

Q. What happens if Proxibid isn’t paid?

All nonpaying bidders are reported to PROXIBID. You will be blocked from bidding on PROXIBID if payment is not received. We charge a $35.00 fee to restore your account if your things are resold before receiving payment.

Q. What happens if Proxibid isn’t paid?

Non-payment: A $25 processing fee will be levied for failed credit card attempts via the Proxibid payment network. If you’re not picking up locally, make sure your Proxibid credit card is up to date and has enough money to cover your transactions. Chargebacks on credit cards will not be allowed.

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