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Pieology Company Its Details Revenue And Turnover


Pieology is a company that works in the Restaurants and Other Eating Places industry and is based in Birmingham, Alabama. Pieology employs a total of 13 people across all of its locations and earns $145,154 in revenue (USD). (Employees and sales figures are based on simulations.)

Pieology Restaurants Company of Overview?

Pieology Company About

  • Address: 325 Summit Blvd Birmingham, AL, 35243-3132 United States
  • Phone: (205) 262-3022
  • Website: www.pieology.com
  • Employee (this site): 13
  •  Employee (all sites): 13
  • Revenue: $145,154
  • Year Started: 2015

Pieology Company Social Media Profile

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the location of Pieology’s headquarters?

The headquarters of Pieology may be found at 325 Summit Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35243-3132 in the United States.

Q. What does Pieology do for a living?

Pieology works in the restaurant and other eating establishments industry.

Q. What is the phone number for Pieology?

The phone number for Pieology is (205) 262-3022.

Q. What is the address of Pieology’s website?

www.pieology.com is Pieology’s website.

Q. How many people work for Pieology?

There are 13 different types of pieology.

Q. Who is Pieology’s most important figure?

Alex Haynes is the head of Pieology.

Q. What year did Pieology begin?

In 2015, Pieology was founded.

Q. How much money does Pieology make?

The income of Pieology is $145,154.

Q. Is Pieology’s pizza Keto-friendly?

To add to the variety, Pieology has created a chicken-based pizza base, which is theoretically keto-friendly. Pieology is a pizza company that allows customers to customise their orders in a variety of ways.

Q. What is the calorie count of a Pieology pizza?

The (11.5″) crust alone at Pieology—whole wheat or white flour—provides 460 calories, similar to Blaze’s (400) and MOD’s (450). (490). MOD’s tiny (6″) crust, on the other hand, is only 210 calories. To make a gluten-free crust, increase the calories in a full-size pie by 50 to 150 calories.

Q. Is Chipotle the owner of Pieology?

Chang, the brother and former coach of professional tennis player Michael Chang, a major investor, co-founded Pieology in 2011, while the “Chipotle of pizza” was still in its infancy.

Q. Does Panda Express own Pieology?

Panda Express’s bestseller item, orange chicken, and the fresh-cut ingredients in the Rosemead chain’s Chinese stir-fry earned it a reputation.

Q. What is the definition of home red sauce Pieology?

Our Red Sauce is produced from vine-ripened Bella Rossa tomatoes that have been peeled fresh.

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