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Popular Barcadi Artist Vusi Ma R5 Died: Know About His Death Cause


Popular Barcadi artist Vusi Ma R5 was shot and killed in M17, not far from Legentsheng: It is shocking to learn of the untimely death of Vusi Ma R5, a well-known barcadi performer from Mabopane, who left this world. Yes, the well-known musician was supposedly shot and killed on January 29, 2023, on a Sunday night.

The musician was shot dead at one of the locations he was scheduled to perform at, according to many official reports since the news of his death was officially announced on Facebook on Sunday night.

Being informed of the singer’s unexpected passing is devastating. To learn more about the specifics and how it happened with him, keep reading.

According to a Facebook post, well-known Barcadi singer Vusi Ma R5 from Pretoria was shot and killed early this morning near M17 in Soshanguve Ext 13. A witness claims that the musician was shot dead after leaving the establishment after receiving a call while dancing during load-shedding.

These posts serve as confirmation of the singer’s passing and his subsequent separation from us. Let us inform you that the shooting occurred in M17 at a location known as Legentsheng.

The community as a whole has now been shaken by this unforeseen tragedy. Numerous artists are losing their lives in shooting events as a result of the county’s rising crime rate.

How Did Vusi Ma R5 Pass Away?

We don’t have a lot of information regarding the situation, but we do want to let you know that Vusi Ma R5 is no longer with us and that the artist was killed in the shooting.

People are speculating on social media about some of the videos and pictures from the scene and wanting to know more about him and what exactly happened to him.

The musician is renowned for his career-spanning hit albums that have become instant classics. One of the artist’s best-selling albums is THE LAW OF BACARDI 1 by Ha Bone Sello and MAMELA MOLAO. Here is a list of the artist’s top albums in addition to these.

The authorities are currently looking into the event and attempting to identify the perpetrator. Although no arrests have been made as of yet, authorities are looking for the criminals.

Since it has been announced that Vusi Ma R5 has passed away, his fans and loved ones have paid respect to him and sent their sincere condolences to his family, who are currently experiencing a difficult time. To learn more specifics, stay in touch with us.