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Nintendo Direct Leak : This thing came from ?


Nintendo Direct Leak: this thing came from, but it seems to be gaining some traction on the internet. A hardcopy of a list of games for a 1/11 Nintendo Direct that contains basically every dream game that people want to see this year, or ever, on the Nintendo Switch.

We’re talking a new Metroid, a new Zelda, a new Fire Emblem, a new Mario Kart, Super Mario Odyssey 2, Black Ops Cold War and Final Fantasy VII Remake(only available on Switch Pro, which I guess is also being announced), GTA V, and so on, and so forth.

It is a fun list, and it is fun to imagine a sunny day in mid January where we sit to watch the most absolutely stacked Nintendo Direct we’ve ever seen. It is incredible, as in, it is not credible. It is almost definitely fake.

First off—why a hard copy?

Offices are virtual due to COVID-19 lockdowns right now, so is Nintendo of America like, mailing them to people? Faxing them? Also, whoever mocked this up wrote “First Party Softwar” as the first header.

Which is not entirely impossible on a real document, given that real documents are still written by humans. It is, however, much more likely that this is further evidence that the thing is fake.

But by far the best evidence that this thing is fake is that we are just not, in any reality, going to see a single Nintendo Direct with literally every highly-anticipated game in the ether right now.

With the announcement of a new Switch model to boot. With all of this stuff somehow coming out this year.

And while I do expect to get a fancier Switch, maybe this year, I would very much doubt that we’re going to see games that only come out on said fancier Switch, even ports.

My only hope here is that we will, this year, get one of these hotly-anticipated games. Maybe the next Zelda game? Metroid seems a little bit further out.

I would be surprised to see a new Mario Kart any time soon, and same goes for any sort of Super Mario Odyssey 2. So I’m pinning my hopes and dreams on the next Zelda.

We’ve actually seen a tiny, tiny bit of it, after all, and the rumor is that the team is re-using the bones of the map from Breath of the Wild, which would theoretically simplify development.

And Hollow Knight: Silksong is another genuine candidate for coming out this year, though Team Cherry should take all the time it needs.

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