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When Will The New PS5 Pro Be Available, And What Should You Expect?

Playstation 5 pro : The PlayStation 5 is an excellent console with only a few small flaws.

The inability to actually buy one of Sony’s new consoles before scalpers gobble up every accessible unit is maybe the most aggravating feature.

The scalpers aren’t the only ones to blame. Sony has been unable to meet demand due to a variety of problems, many of which derive from the COVID-19 pandemic and the several ways in which it has disrupted production and logistics.

The scarcity of PS5s in the wild is attributed to a semiconductor bottleneck, and Sony has proposed that a redesign could help alleviate shortages.

In the company’s Q4 2021 earnings call, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki said, “For example, we might find maybe [a] second resource [for semiconductors], or we could cope with [semiconductor shortages] by modifying design.”

According to DigiTimes, production of a new PlayStation 5 console could begin in the second or third quarter of 2022, based on supply chain sources.

According to sources, instead of the 7nm custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU featured in the current PS5, the future PS5—basically a PS5 Pro—would use a new “semi-customized” 6-nanometer AMD CPU.

This would result in a console that is more powerful and efficient, albeit it is unclear why these new semiconductors would be easier to come by than present ones.

Given the existing shortages, it may simply make more sense to implement the mid-lifecycle upgrade sooner rather than later.

(The PS4 Pro was released three years after the PS4 was released.)

Of course, in addition to a faster, more efficient CPU, there are a slew of other features I’d like to see in a PS5 Pro, including additional storage, a less ostentatious and compact design that fits on shelves and in entertainment centres, and a generally less problematic experience.

Whatever happens, the PS5 Pro is still a long way off and only exists in the realms of rumour and fantasy.

I’m confident it’ll happen (after all, why wouldn’t Sony profit from a PS5 Pro and a new “Slim” model to replace the original?) But when — and in what form — it will happen remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, good luck locating a PS5. It’ll come in handy.

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