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Outriders Patch Notes – Upcoming Outriders Patch Will Improve Matchmaking



Outriders patch notes : After a little delay, the new Outriders patch has just gone live, bringing with it a number of presumably welcome updates, including one I’ve been expecting to see since the game’s introduction.

Patch Notes for ‘Outriders’: Skill And Enemy Fixes, AFK Banishing

outriders patch

The following are the key points from the patch notes for the latest patch, which was released this afternoon:

They’ve slashed sign-in times on Xbox, which has been a long-standing issue, and it’s unclear why this platform has been singled out more than others.

I just checked this, and indeed, sign-in on Xbox was virtually instantaneous, as opposed to the previous considerable wait.

They’ve modified the way AFK-ing works in the game, so if you’ve been AFK in camp or a menu for more than two minutes, you’ll be kicked out of the matchmaking pool, ideally resulting in a lot more matches with players who are actually there.

This has been one of the most serious issues with the endgame since its release, and I’m hoping this will help.

I’m not kidding when I say that I used to match with AFK guys, leave, play three expeditions, then match again 45 minutes later with the same AFK man.

Brood Mothers Surge’s blue fire assault is now more visible, which means less people will die from deathtouch ground.

The Technomancer Borealis set is been clarified that frozen foes only receive a 90% increase in weapon damage, not all damage. They claim that this is still bugged and that if it isn’t working, you should unequip and re-equip it.

When activating Hunt the Prey, it should no longer get stuck (ran into this a whole lot).
The bleed mod for Gravity Leap now really applies bleed.

Devastator’s Blood Donation skill now functions in all instances.
When the Healthy Lifestyle mod was modified to now offer health regen for the whole skill duration while channelling, Pyromancer’s FASER Beam gained a modest survivability boost.

A little change I observed that they didn’t mention is that your character’s average gear level now appears in the main menu instead of their XP level.

The patch notes conclude with a list of issues that are currently being worked on and will be addressed in subsequent patches. These are some of them:

  • In terms of patches, Stadia is significantly behind.
  • For the time being, acclaim has remained at 99 percent.
  • Bug in the Borealis Set
  • Matchmaking settings are constantly switching from Closed to Open.
  • Alphas escaping CC in an instant
  • Some mods aren’t working.
  • When shields are active, players die.
  • Directional issues in Trickster Hunt the Prey
  • Trickster Venator Knife is a problem-solving tool.
  • With bleed and Moaning Winds, Devastator damage output is strange.
  • Bonus ending for the Devastator Statue Set
  • The stat for damage blocked appears to be low.
  • Progression bonus for the Mentor questline

As previously said, they are working on future buffs for all classes, which will all be released at the same time. Yes, I’m returning to the field. We’ll talk again shortly.

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