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Signal Coral Buddies : How do you signal Coral buddies in Coral Castle?


How To Signal The Coral Buddies In Fortnite: How To Signal The Coral Buddies In Week 6 of Fortnite’s fifth Chapter 2 season is here

Signal Coral Buddies : Today’s challenges, or Epic Quests as they’re known this season, are a new set of challenges to complete.

The majority of these entail destroying items such as motorboats, fishing holes, and so on. The whole set of challenges may be seen here.

Players are tasked with alerting the Coral Buddies in one of this week’s challenges, which is buried a few levels deep in the new two-tier challenge design.

The Coral Buddies have been sighted before, but not everyone was aware of their existence.

We were given many secret challenges with the small critters back in Season 3.

Those tasks were similar to the Teddy Bear vs Gnome challenges in that they were hidden and not addressed explicitly in the game.

They were enjoyable challenges, but many players are likely to have missed them.

In any event, the Coral Buddies are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Head to the northwest part of the map and land in Coral Castle, an aquatic, coral reef Named Location that is normally pretty mild, to notify the Coral Buddies. With this challenge, it’ll be even hotter.

There are three shells there, each of which must be interacted with in order to complete this task. Each one can be found in the following locations:

These shells are located near coral fragments and are rather large and easy to detect once you get close enough. Remember that you’ll need to complete other tasks first, so these won’t surface until you’ve completed them all.

Unfortunately, the challenge UI for this season is quite clumsy and inconvenient, with numerous NPCs distributing tasks in a long, unmanageable list.

Once you’re in a match and pick “Challenges” from the menu, it’s much easier to keep track of which challenges you still have to complete.

In any case, this should make finishing the task rather simple. It remains to be known what signals the little animals will accomplish.

Maybe we’ll receive a new Coral Buddy quest next week, or maybe they’ll bring back some new secret challenges. We’ll have to wait and see.

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