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Osita Oheme Brother Killed: Gunman Kills Nollywood Actor’s Brother



Osita Oheme Brother Killed: A piece of shocking information has emerged about the death of Prince Iheme, a Owerri police officer.

He was absent on Friday in Imo State. The gunmen shot him to death and the information is being compiled from social media.

Iheme was on his way to work with the state commissioner for stable minerals when the gunmen rammed into him and began firing on the Ubomiri and Mbaitoli council spaces of the state.

This article contains many additional questions that can be answered. So, take your time to read it.

Osita Oheme Brother Shot Dead

Osita Oheme Brother Killed

According to sources, the gunmen will give the commissioner a deep cut with a machete.

The gunmen killed Orji, who was located in the Mbaitoli Native Authorities Area of Imo State, south-eastern Nigeria.

According to sources, there was an additional invasion in Ubomiri which was another group within the state’s council space. It was pointed in the direction of the Indigenous Folks of Biafra, a group that is outlawed.

They are currently executing a controversial five-day sit-at-home. After the gunshot, he was shot and killed.

Osita Oheme Brother Killed To Death

Let’s concentrate on his older brother Osita, who is a Nigerian actor and producer.

He’s most famous for playing the Pawpaw in the movie Aki na Ukwa, which he co-starred with Chinedu Ikedieze. He was 40 years old and was born in Mbaitoli (Imo), Nigeria on 20 February 1982.

He is the founder of Impressed Motion Africa, which he founded to inspire and motivate younger Nigerians. He received a degree in MBA from the Institute of Administration and Expertise, Enugu.

He was the mischievous little guy in 2002, which was a lot of people’s favorite position. This earned him a huge fan following around the globe.

He was also accompanied by the commissioner, who can be treated with the machete for wounds and then transferred to the hospital.

They are seen driving a Ford car, which was also mentioned by the unnamed witness. The gunmen then open fire on the policeman.

Everyone shouts, saying “Cover in your homes!” I was protected by some elderly ladies who all the data that was mentioned by another witness. Many people send condolences to him and messages of support to his family.

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