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Ohio Travel Guide – Is Cincinnati Safe for Tourists?


Ohio Travel Guide – Is Cincinnati Safe for Tourists?: Cincinnati is on the Ohio River and is the 3rd largest city in Ohio. The city is safe generally for tourists; however, there are some places you should avoid if you are new here. Travel experts say if you stay within the city limits, the danger will never befall you or your family. They recommend you stay close to your accommodation when you are visiting downtown and stay near the main roads in case you are not familiar with the places you visit. Most of Cincinnati is tourist friendly except some side streets that might be risky in the night for venturing out alone.

Ohio Travel Guide – Is Cincinnati Safe for Tourists?

Ohio Travel Guide

Things to take

Cincinnati is a city that faces a lot of weather changes and fluctuations. At times, both the summer and winter seasons can be very harsh. Pack everything along with you so that you can combat the weather conditions easily. Note that Cincinnati is on the Ohio River and is prone to floods. In case, you are in this region, make sure you listen to weather updates before you venture out to the city. In case, you get caught in the flood; you might stand stranded in an area that is new to you for long hours. The spring and summer months experience a lot of thunderstorms in the area. At times, tornadoes and hailstorms break out in the city. Travel guides suggest you should be informed about weather forecasts before you venture out and ask locals about the nearest shelters in Cincinnati in case you are caught in a tornado or a bad thunderstorm.

Things to do in Cincinnati

When you are in Cincinnati, treat yourself to The Lake Erie Shore, Belterra Racing, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Hocking Hills, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, The Amish In Holmes County, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Northeast Ohio’s Wine County, Cincinnati Museum Center and more. If you are fond of vineyards, you can take wine tours with friendly guides. In short, there are several things you can do in Cincinnati with your family and kids.

Transport and travel

When you are traveling in Cincinnati in Ohio, avoid the rush hour traffic. You should be patient and take your time when it comes to reaching your destination. If confused, ask locals in the area. They will tell you places to visit and the ones to avoid. If you have sufficient money, take a cab. If you have a car with you, make sure it is securely locked. There are limited options for parking downtown, so look for parking garages and lots easily accessible to the public.

Last but not least, stay alert if you accidentally venture into a shady area. Since you are a tourist be aware of pickpockets and thieves. Though cases of mugging and theft in Cincinnati, Ohio are rare, keep your belongings with you and valuables safe in the locker of your hotel. Never venture into new places without correct information or a map. Keep emergency numbers handy and always inform someone of the place you intend to visit for extra precautions when you travel alone or with a group in Cincinnati.

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