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Multivitamins and Men: 5 Genuine Reasons why Multivitamins make men’s lives better


Multivitamins and Men: 5 Genuine Reasons why Multivitamins make men’s lives better: With the increase in pollution, stress and almost zero dietary rules, men and women are increasingly at risk of suffering some kind of chronic conditions even before they hit 40. This is more common in men over women as their dietary needs are different from that of women and not many supplements available addresses this issue of men’s requirements since there is no clear notion of the difference.

The male body and the female body are different not only from the anatomical point but also from the hormonal point. The vitamins and minerals that benefit a woman is often not required by men and the ones that are common to both the diet requirements are often lacking in dosage in terms of male consumption. Intake of multivitamins is essential to maintain a healthy weight, deal with stress and to be more efficient is performance.

Multivitamins and Men: 5 Genuine Reasons why Multivitamins make men’s lives better

Health Benefits of these multivitamins

As mentioned earlier, the nutritional requirements of men and women differ for instance, men do not need to increase their iron intake because they are not inherently anemic like women as women goes through the monthly mensuration cycle that causes blood loss.

Unless diagnosed otherwise, the folic acid intake for men is met through daily consumption of vegetables and fruits that are high on iron. Coming to healthy habits, many cribs at the thought of working out daily and sticking to a meal plan and this fallacy requires to be rectified if men expect to lead a healthy life and these gaps in nutrition s achieved by these multivitamins.

When we talk about best multivitamin for men we are referring to the essential vitamins and minerals that men need to incorporate in their diet.

Essential Multivitamins required for men

Men in their 70s require a different supplementary diet than for the men in their early 30s, for example, studies show that the ingestion of folic acid or iron should be reduced as men tend to store iron over time and that can cause organ damage in your old age. Subsequently, senior men require more calcium and Vitamin D to retain bone health.  There are 5 essential multivitamins than men of all age require, and Purayati, considered to be Best multivitamin tablets in India, makes sure that they provide you with those which are:

  1. Vitamin D is for those people who do not get enough time in the early morning sun. if you are not engaged in any early morning outdoor activity, you need to meet the Vitamin D deficiency through the best testosterone boosters supplements. This vitamin helps in the production of testosterone and is also known to protect the brain. This also aids in the absorption of calcium by the bones.
  2. Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to fatigues and affects the central nervous system. It is estimated that all men suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin.
  3. Antioxidants prevents the free radicals to cause damages to the cells and as a result the longevity of the cell increases which delays processes like early aging of the skin and deterioration of the immune system. Vitamins like A, C and E are all antioxidants and these are not produced in the body but have to be ingested.
  4. Minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc is required to all work towards the betterment of the bones, strengthening the muscles and protecting the joints.
  5. Minerals Copper and Selenium is essential for the improvement of immunity functions.

Things to keep in mind

The Purayati tablets have been formulated such that it helps you meet your recommended daily allowance (RDA) which should be met.  Never opt for supplements that claim to have mega dosages as anything in excess is harmful.

The key role of these dietary supplements is to meet your nutritional needs and these do not miraculously help you lose weight, gain six packs or prevent you from ever having a cardiac arrest. A balanced diet with these supplements and workouts should be part of your day.