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Weight Loss: Eating Potatoes May Help You to Lose Weight, Here is How You Can Make Them Healthy 


Weight Loss: Eating Potatoes May Help You to Lose Weight, Here is How You Can Make Them Healthy: According to a study publishing in the journal of the American College of Nutrition, potatoes may have to banish under low-carb diets and maligning nearly as much as bread. But they are not necessarily bad for the waistline and can help us lose weight.

Weight Loss: Eating Potatoes May Help You to Lose Weight, Here is How You Can Make Them Healthy

Weight Loss

Dieters who including potatoes in their meal plans all lost weight as long as they are reducing their overall calorie intake.

The researchers are concluding there is no evidence that the potatoes lead to weight gain if they are preparing healthily.

The researchers want to understand the role of lowering calories and the glycaemic index affecting weight loss when potatoes are including in the diet.

The glycaemic index is a scale of zero to 100 representing how quickly glucose is releasing into the bloodstream after eating carbohydrates.

For the study, 90 overweight men and women were split into three groups. The first group is told to reduce their calories but eat high glycaemic foods.

The second group was told to reduce their calories but eat low glycaemic index foods.

In the third group, people can eat whatever they wanted, with no restrictions on calories or glycaemic foods.

All the three groups were given potatoes, healthy recipes and tell to eat five to seven servings of vegetables each week.

At the end of 12-week study period, the researchers found all three groups have lost weight, and there was no significant difference in weight loss between the three group.

Interestingly, even the control group reduces the calories and lost weight, despite not providing with a specific calorie restriction.

Potatoes if prepare healthily can healthy and promote weight loss.

Here are a few healthy potato dishes that you can prepare and not worry about gaining weight. Make sure the potatoes is not fried.

1. Over roasted potatoes

This roasted potato recipe is making with less olive oil, and fresh herbs make for a hit delicacy. It also makes for a great snack.

2. Baked potato wedges

A quick and easy serving of crisp potato wedges baked with olive oil, cumin and jalapenos will cure your French fries craving.

3. Baked stuffed potatoes

An easy recipe for baked potatoes with a tangy vegetable filling, it makes for a healthy dish. Make sure to use less amount of oil.

4. Roast potatoes with hung curd dressing

A quick fix for your hunger pangs. Roasted potatoes with a dollop of an herby hung curd dressing. What can be tastier and healthier?

So, try and make potatoes healthy and free them from the evil reputation they have for making you gain weight.

People with the disease diabetes should consult a doctor before switching to these potato recipes, considering these veggies is deeming high glycaemic foods.

So, these are the points to describe the Weight Loss Eating Potatoes May Help You to Lose Weight, here is How You Can Make Them Healthy.

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