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Moisés Fuentes Death Cause: How Did He Die?


Moisés Fuentes Death Cause: A former Mexican World champion boxer, has passed away. According to reports, the legend died on Thursday 24th November 2022.

At the time of his death, he was only 37 years old. All his admirers and fans were saddened by the news of his tragic passing.

Since last year, the boxing legend was struggling to keep his health in check.

Last year, the boxing star was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been fighting this deadly disease ever since. According to reports, he died from the brain clot.

The boxing star sustained a serious injury in his fight last year. According to reports, the injury resulted in a fatal injury.

The officials of the match immediately rushed Fuentes to the hospital. Fuentes had to have major surgery to reduce swelling in his brain.

What was Moises Fuentes Cause of Death?

Moisés Fuentes Death Cause

He fought for a year against the clot in his brain but couldn’t beat it. Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the World Boxing Council, announced his sad passing. He shared the sad news while offering his condolences and homages to Fuentes.

Moises was born 20 September 1985. He was very well-known in the Mexican Bicing community. His incredible winning streak earned him a lot of fame and name recognition throughout the country and around the globe.

He was a winner of numerous boxing championships and leagues. After winning the WBC minimumweight title, he began his career in 2010. He has won numerous other titles and championships since then.

Everyone was shocked to hear about his tragic passing. According to reports, many prominent personalities from boxing came out on social media to pay their condolences and tributes to Moises Fuentes.

Many of his admirers and fans have shared their condolences and sympathies on social media. There is currently no information or update on his funeral services.

We will notify you as soon as any updates are received from his family members or the official team. Stay tuned for all the latest news, updates and information from both national and international sources.

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