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Celine Dion Husband Affairs | Truth About Celine Dion’s Marriage


Celine Dion Husband Affairs: Celine dion’s late husband Rene Angelil was once accused of rape? Midweek Madness is where we ask the friendly clerk to unpack this week’s tabloids. After he does, we  given a funny grin after explaining that we don’t want to purchase People or Us Weekly.

This week Miley was dumped this week by Liam, Jamie by Katie, Scott Disick is currently dating Kylie Jenner (Jesus Christ), Rene Angelil  involved with an early 2000s scandal that I didn’t know about until today.

Celine Dion Husband Affairs

Celine Dion was twelve years old when Rene Angelil, her manager, discovered her. People asked Dion to reminisce about her childhood and she said that Angelil, her brother, had found Angelil’s name on a record.

He sent Angelil a recording of Dion singing. Angelil must have  hooked when he asked Dion if he could sing live for him. People heard Dion tell of their first meeting: “While I was singing, he started crying.” “I knew that I had done a great job when I saw him crying,” Dion said.

Dion did indeed meet her future husband when she was 12 years old, and he was 38 in the same year. Who was Angelil? According to The Washington Post, Angelil was a Canadian pop singer before he turned his attention towards management.

He also shared that he had never heard Dion’s voice in all of his years in the industry. Angelil told AP News that he had been in the music business for twenty years at that point. “In all those 20 years, I hadn’t heard of anyone like the little girl I had in my life.”

Celine Dion husband

This one is dark. This week’s Star cover story is a “bombshell” report about the “sex scandal”, which “rocked” Rene Angelil ‘s marriage in the early 2000s. Angelil was charged with raping a woman in Las Vegas in 2000. He then paid her $2 million in ‘hush cash’ and initially kept it secret from Celine.

Yun Kyeong Sung Kwon claims Angelil “pushed” her into her hotel room and “sexually forcibly” made contact with Mrs. Kwon. He then “accomplishing Orgasm…warned that if my wife discovers about this, I will kill you!”

Kwon settled a civil lawsuit against Angelil in 2002. Angelil had only met the financial part of the terms. Kwon filed a civil suit against Angelil in 2002 because he had not fulfilled the financial element of their terms.

Star explains that “their conspiracy and extortion convictions  later overturned upon appeal.” Robert Langford conducted an “exclusive interview” with Kwons’s former attorney, and stated:

“My opinion is that police did not want to continue with their investigation. Kwon claimed Angelil ejaculated on the jacket. Privately, they analyzed it and found semen from someone with a low sperm count. This could have indicated that Angelil was having difficulty conceiving a child.

My client was convicted of rape. The judge at his criminal trial decided that it did not matter whether the rape occurred. This was per my client’s civil lawsuit. It had nothing to do in the criminal case for extortion. We  therefore not allowed to call Angelil and force him to give a DNA sample or testify.

Star also published court documents (obtained “exclusively by them”) that claim Kwon had “multiple items with Angelil’s DNA from the attack,”

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