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Lionel Messi’s Wife: Everything To Know About Antonela


Lionel Messi’s Wife: There is no denying the delightfully close bond between famed Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi and his stunning wife Antonela Roccuzzo.

But how did they actually meet, and how are things now? Learn more about their marriage’s specifics here. Get more update on chopnews

When Lionel Messi and his wife met?

Both Lionel and Antonela were raised in Rosaria, Argentina’s same town.

Another Argentine soccer player and Lionel’s boyhood friend, Lucas Scaglia, is Antonela’s cousin. Sources claims that Lionel and Antonela first connected when they were just five years old.

However, Lionel kept the two apart when he relocated to Spain at the age of 13 to pursue his sports career.

When Did Lionel Messi and His Wife Start Dating?

When Antonela’s best friend sadly perished in a vehicle accident in 2007, Lionel and Antolea started dating.

According to SportMob, Lionel flew all the way from Spain to Argentina as soon as he learned about Antonela’s situation. Then, in an interview in 2009, Lionel made the relationship public.

After a decade of dating, the two eventually got married in 2017. When Lionel was 30 and Antonela was 29, they got married in their hometown.

According to the BBC, there were 260 people total at the wedding, including pop singer Shakira.

While Lionel donned a suit by Dolce & Gabbana, Antonela wore a dress by Rosa Clara.

The ceremony was referred to as “the wedding of the century” in addition to being called “the wedding of the year” by an Argentine publication.

Antontela career as Model and fitness enthusiast

In the beginning, Antonela studied dentistry. However, she revealed in November 2016 that she had accepted a deal with the Ricky Sarkany modeling agency in Argentina.

Her career appears to have taken off, as evidenced by her staggering 19 million Instagram followers.

She is a huge advocate for maintaining a healthy weight, according to her Facebook.

She shared a video of herself making and avoiding some impressive swings in January 2021, indicating that boxing is one of her favorite pastimes.

How many children do Lionel and Antonela have?

Thiago, the couple’s first child, was born in November 2012. Sources claims that after Thiago was born, Lionel had his name and handprints permanently inked on his calf.

Mateo, their middle son, was subsequently born in 2015. Mateo is quite unique. In 2019, Lionel gushed to ESPN, “He’s always doing new things, things that capture your attention.

Ciro, their smallest child, was born in 2018. The proud parents love to publish pictures of their loved ones on social media to share their joy with the world.

“You develop and learn. On and off the field, you gain experience in all facets of life. But as a person, having three kids changed my outlook on life, my way of thinking, and it also helped me develop, Lionel said in a statement to FC Barcelona about how becoming a father has affected him.

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