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Erin Andrews Nude Photos and Premium High Res Pictures


In the wake of a video involving Erin Andrews nude, her career has reached its highest levels, while her parents are expressing their shock and dismay at her actions. Her parents claim that the video not only was embarrassing but also humiliating for their daughter.

Erin Andrews’ parents describe her humiliation and shame

Erin Andrews (co-host of Dancing With the Stars) was sexually abused at a hotel in 2008.

Because it was the first video that a reporter had ever been videoed naked, this was quite a scandalous video. Her reaction was hilarious when she found out about the incident.

While the operator and hotel owner chose the best course of action, Andrews’ liberty was still at stake.

They did however find that Andrews’ response by the hotel was the most effective way to demonstrate her importance.

A jury decided how often she had been snooped. Andrews wasn’t awarded the maximum monetary amount because it was too pricey. Fortunately for her, she went on to win a $55 million settlement with the company.

Andrews was also awarded the award. Andrews is now on the fast-track to returning to her role as Fox Sports contributor and reporter.

Having gotten her feet wet in the world of public service, she is now looking to make a name for herself as a sportscaster.

Since the video leak, erin andrews has reached her highest point in her career.

Erin Andrews is a veteran sports reporter who works with Troy Aikman and Joe Buck on the FOX NFL broadcasts.

Co-host of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, she is also an ESPN sports reporter. This week, she testified in a civil suit against hotel chains and Vanderbilt University.

There were mixed reactions to her naked peephole video. Some people were glad it was found while others were disappointed that Andrews had been filmed in such a manner.

But it didn’t hurt her career. Her career actually soared following the scandal.

Andrews trial featured front-desk employees, ex-NFL players and experts in hotel safety. The industry is now taking drastic measures in order to protect their guests.

It generated quite a buzz once the video was publicized. While the Internet was buzzing about rumors and speculations, it was not until July 2009 that actual video footage was discovered. Initial videos of the video were just a publicity stunt.

A Nashville hotel was sued by erin Andrews and a stalker for $75 Million

After a 2008 video she uploaded of herself and her partner, Erin Andrews filed a lawsuit against a Nashville hotel for $75 million.

According to her, the video made her suffer depression and panic attacks. She also claims she was forced to cry in her own room for weeks.

Andrews was working at ESPN at the time she was caught. She was covering a Vanderbilt football game, and was found to have a peephole in her room.

A man by the name of Michael David Barrett recorded a video of her through her peephole, according to her lawyer. He then posted the video online, where it has since been viewed millions of times.

Marriott International, Andrews’ original defendant, was dismissed from the case last month. This year, the lawsuit was amended.

New filings were made and the case is now in the Circuit Court for Davidson County. It is expected to take two weeks.

Randall Kinnard represented Andrews. She was unable to stop crying several times throughout the trial.

Andrews claimed that the videos humiliated and traumatized her, and that she still gets taunts from people who have seen the videos.

To find out how many people have seen the video, erin andrews’ lawyers engaged a computer scientist.

Erin Andrews, a former US reporter and sports journalist is now retired. Recently, $55 Million was awarded to her for civil damages.

It was because a surveillance video that showed her naked body was taken by the stalker. The stalker filmed Andrews in her hotel room, and then posted the video to the internet.

According to a sentencing memo, it has been seen by more than 16.8 million people.

After the trial, the stalker, Michael David Barrett, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. The victim still had to cope with the fact the videos were still available online.

She must accept that she is suffering, even though her perpetrator was only sentenced to two years.

Andrews’ attorneys hired a computer science expert to figure out how many people viewed the video.

Jansen earned $300 an hour over 100 hours. Based on Internet searches, he ran 22 queries and found the number of people who had seen the videos.