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Is Rapper Lil TJay Dead Or Still Alive?


Is Rapper Lil TJay Dead Or Still Alive: In today’s modern era, where the crime rate in the world has increased over the past few months, it appears that Hip Hop is to blame because, just as US crime rates are on the rise, the majority of crime news, including reports of gunshots and assaults, originates from other nations where Hip-Hop is all about gang culture, such as NY, CA, SA, and so on.

An American rapper, musician, and composer was shot multiple times during an attempted robbery, according to recent news that has shocked many people from head to toe.

What happened to Lil TJay?

lil tjay

Tione is one of the rap scene’s most popular performers.

Lil Tjay, real name Jayden Merritt, was recently arrested after being charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of armed robbery, two counts of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and four counts of fourth-degree aggravated assault.

The rapper was found with multiple gunshot wounds and was immediately taken to the hospital.

According to the reports, it was discovered that the rapper was one of the two people who were shot in New Jersey early on Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred shortly after the rapper had tweeted on social media last week that the summer was going to be great. Rapper Lil TJay is deceased.

Rapper Lil Tjay: Is He Dead?

Police responded to the call at midnight after learning that many bullets had been fired at the location, according to a spokeswoman for Bergen County.

According to the statement he made further, when police arrived at the scene they discovered Antoine Boyd, a 21-year-old rapper who had also been shot but only sustained a single wound, and both males were rushed to the hospital.


What prompted the shot and what specifically transpired there are unknown, as well as whether Lil TJay is okay.

The youngster is indeed in a serious state and receiving medical care, according to certain web sources.

Later, it was discovered that the entire incident began when a stranger, later identified as Mohamed Konate, attempted to rob Boyd, Lil TJay, and 24-year-old Jeffrey Valdez, a third person the rapper was with.

But the rapper and his crew also responded with a gun in the same fashion; unfortunately, they were carrying an illegal firearm, therefore Boyd and Valdez both had illegal weapons on them at the time. Keep checking back for more news updates.

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