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Who Is Ernie Sigmon: After 173 days, A Missing man Is Found Alive!


Who Is Ernie Sigmon: After 173 days, A Missing man Is Found Alive! This time, we have some upbeat and pleasant news to share. According to the source, the man who had been missing for 173 days has been found and returned home.

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Who is Ernie Sigmon?

On December 29, 2021, Ernest Sigmon, 44, entered the Bay to go fishing. He vanished and was never discovered after that.

His relatives said that he left alone on a fishing excursion and never came back.

For 173 days, Sigmon had been absent. His body was discovered on Monday in a rural area near the Choptank River in Dorchester.

The majority of people claimed that he rode out on a gray and white 2020 open sportsmen from the Waterview Drive block toward the river bank at around one o’clock in the afternoon.

Is Ernie Sigmon Found Dead or Alive?

The family of Ernie Sigmon took over Facebook and made an emotional message in which they shared a photo of their entire family, thanked everyone who helped with the hunt for Ernie Sigmon, and expressed their gratitude.

Ernie Sigmon’s family made a post to the “Bring Ernie Home” group on June 20, 2022, asking for assistance and support from the public.

This ensemble has meanwhile gathered a sizable fan base. The following section has further information on him.

Missing Ernie Sigmon Found Alive

“God answered to our prayers and brought Ernie inside the house after 173 days, this is unthinkable,” Ernie Sigmon Jr. wrote on Facebook.

Never before have our strength, hope, and faith been so completely tested.

Additionally, he said that because he was more than just a son, father, brother, nephew, uncle, boss, friend, and mentor, his family used to experience such a profound loss every day.

Ernie Sigmon was a person who supported everyone during a difficult time in their lives and never lost the desire to assist them.

The family of Ernie thanks everyone for helping with the hunt and bringing Ernie back home after 173 days. One of Ernie Sigmon’s family members claims that just when they began to lose trust in God, their prayers were answered.

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