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Letters To The Editor: June 29, 2022


Letters to the Editor for June 29, 2022: Make a difference

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

In 2021, 968 persons lost their lives in crashes on Virginian roads, which was a 14-year high.

The commonwealth is not doing much better in 2022. Deaths are increasing. Families are in despair. Lives are ruined. The tragedies that emergency personnel have witnessed haunt them.

However, there is a glimmer of optimism since we have the ability to change this today, tomorrow, and every day while driving. We have the ability to put an end to these senseless killings and save lives that matter.

Your life has purpose. But when I observe the actions people perform while driving, I frequently ponder whether people truly believe what they say.

Advertisements implores motorists to pause and consider whether it is worthwhile to send a pointless text message.

They do so because some people’s lives could be at stake if they continue to send these texts.

Can you picture yourself committing suicide or murder in order to send an emoji to a friend? It’s incomprehensible, yet it’s a fact of life in the current world.

However, we have the option to put down our phones and make the correct decisions. When going out, we can decide to arrange for sober transportation home.

Due to the fact that we cannot predict the actions of other drivers or pedestrians, we can decide to go at a safe speed and following distance.

Even if we are just driving to the corner market, we might choose to fasten our seat belts because accidents can happen anywhere and we need to be as protected as we can be.

We can decide to set a positive example by promoting defensive driving techniques.

Because we made deliberate choices to drive carefully and avoided an accident, we can choose to save lives we’ll never know we saved.

We have the ability to change today’s world when we work together.

John Saunders.

Director, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles’ Highway Safety Office.


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