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Andres Balanta Died: Know How Did He Die?


We are saddened to report that Andres Balanta, a well-known Colombian footballer, Andres Balanta died. He has passed away and is now with his family. His passing news was recently posted on the internet. Many people were shocked at his sudden death.

The loss of young footballers is being mourned by the entire community. Many people have searched the internet for his name in an attempt to find out his cause of death.

We have more information on the news, and will share it with our readers in this article. Please read the entire article.

Andres Balanta, a Colombian footballer, was a defensive midfielder for Deporvtibe Cali as well as Atletico Tucuman. At the Youth Level, he represented his country. In July 2021, he entered Atletico Tucuman.

Before that, he was associated to Deportivo Cali. He was part of the Colombian national team at the Under-20 World Cup in 2019. His best work earned him a lot of respect. For more news, scroll down.

Who was Andres Balanta, the Spanish king?

According to the report, Andres Balanta, a Colombian football player, died at 22 years old. His last breath was taken Tuesday, 29 November 2022. Many people are searching the internet for his name to find out more about the cause of his death.

After collapsing in a training session for Atletico Tucuman, he died at Tucuman’s Health Center Hospital.

Atletico Tucuman shared his passing news via a tweet on their official Twitter account. For more information, you are at the right place.

According to our records, Andres Balanta was conceived in Cali Colombia on 18 January 2022. His real name was Andres Felipe Cifuentes.

He was a Colombian soccer player. He was a famous defensive midfielder for Deportivo Cali and Atletico Tucuman.

Many people were shocked to hear about his death. No one could have predicted that he would die like this. Many are offering their condolences and paying tribute on social media to his family. Keep checking chopnews for additional updates

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