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Kanye West Ripped For Selling New Yeezy Gap Collection Out Of Trash Bags


According to rumors, Kanye West wanted his new Yeezy Gap line to be distributed in trash bags, forcing shoppers to “dig through” the bags to locate their sizes.

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Kanye West slammed for selling new Yeezy Gap collection out of trash bags

The in-store exhibits of Kanye West’s new Yeezy Gap collection are drawing a lot of attention.

According to a social media user who shared a picture of the numerous full bags on the floor of one Gap store, the rapper allegedly demanded that the apparel be sold in trash bags rather than on the racks of the well-known retailer.

The user added that when they were initially offered on hangers like their other garments, one of the staff claimed he became “crazy.”

“This is how the Yeezy GAP is being sold. The salesperson claimed that Ye became irate when he noticed that they were hanging it up rather than the way he had desired.

They won’t assist you in determining your size either; you will need to simply sift through everything, the user wrote in the photo’s Twitter caption.

Prior to the publicity-grabbing exhibition, Kanye appeared to confirm on Instagram that the bags were inspired by the homeless, but that didn’t stop fans and detractors from responding with criticism and jokes.

Kanye encouraged people to shop at Gap on social media, according to one user. Another person said, “Working at Yeezy Gap is going to be Hell.”

One third claimed to be “convinced” that “the Kanye Gap line has to be a social experiment,” while another fourth claimed that “Kanye actually worked at The Gap. He is harming those employees with knowledge.

Another user on social media brought up a song in which Kanye mentions “loathing” his job at The Gap. Kanye has a song entirely dedicated to how much he detested working for the Gap.

The user began by asking, “Why would he make the life of Gap employees more difficult? The entire store is soon to resemble laundry baskets puking. One cashier will be employed, and everyone else will be responsible for recovery.

The song to which the user was most likely alluding was “Spaceship,” which Kanye released in 2004 and had lyrics like “Let’s go back, back to the Gap, Look at my check, wasn’t any scratch…”

Kanye continued to be transparent about his work in customer service in 2015. He admitted that it was one of his first jobs and that he was only 15 years old.

“I don’t think I ever wanted to actually make garments when I was 15 and working at the Gap, but I always felt like that’s what I wanted to be around.

He said in Paper Magazine, “I loved the materials, I loved the colors, I loved the proportions. “The Gap was too pricey for me, and Abercrombie was too exorbitant.”

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