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Did Chance The Rapper Cheat On His Wife?


Chance After dating intermittently since 2013, the rapper wed his bride in 2019. They have been friends since they were young and have two children together, Kensli (born in 2015) and Marli (born in 2019).

Chance shared on Instagram the value of being a husband and parent while also announcing the cancellation of his 2019 tour.

He commented at the time, “I left on tour 2 weeks after Kensli was born and missed some of her most significant life milestones, but more significantly I was missing when her mother needed me the most.

Now that I’m a husband and a parent of two, I understand that I can’t repeat that error. In these early months of raising Kensli and Marli, I need to be as supportive and accessible as I can be to my wife. I’m sorry; I know there were a lot of people waiting for me to show up soon. I hope you’ll forgive me when the time comes.

So, did Chance the Rapper have an affair with his wife? Discover more by reading on.

Does Chance the Rapper have a cheating spouse?

Rapper cheat on his wife
Rapper cheat on his wife

Does Chance the Rapper have a cheating spouse? Online, a lot of people have this opinion. Model Mela Millz uploaded a video to Instagram on April 17, 2023, of herself fawning over Chance the Rapper at a Jamaican Carnival festival.

The “No Problems” rapper was accused of cheating on his wife by Twitter users in response. To be clear. May we get a closer look at his ring finger, please?” another person said.

I’m not even kidding when I say I hope his wife leaves him for this, according to another fan statement that was tweeted.

Other admirers defended his dancing by pointing out that it is customary to dance during the festival. Everyone is mentioning his wife. Not very deep dancing, especially at carnival.

If you danced with a stranger, you might never see them again. Married or not,” one Twitter user wrote. “

“The fact that so many people are inquiring if he’s married just shows to me that Carnival needs to stay a Caribbean event because I can’t,” another person wrote on the original Instagram picture.

This is obviously not inappropriate unless he and his wife had a discussion and she didn’t want him to attend, a fan wrote in a tweet. If you go, you might end up dancing and having a good time. It is the event’s main purpose.

Who is the wife of Chance The Rapper?

Who is the wife of Chance The Rapper? Kristen Corley is the wife of Chance the Rapper. At age nine, the two first ran into each other. Chance remembered the lengthy Twitter conversation where he confessed his love for her at first sight.

Chance recounted in an Ellen episode, “My mum worked at a real estate office with her mum.

When I was nine years old, I attended a real estate party where her daughters performed a choreographed dance because they enjoy dancing.

When I saw her dancing, I immediately thought, “Let’s get married! ”

When describing the moment he saw her dancing to Destiny’s Child, he went into great detail.

In reality, I was just staring at her while she and her girls mastered the choreography and the skill of lip-syncing in a level that even the most experienced performers have yet to achieve.

“I really shouldn’t even say locked eyes since really, I was just starring at her.”

This was not the appropriate time or location. Not only because it wasn’t my party, not just because it was their turn to dance, and not even just because I was uncomfortable dancing in front of people.

Since I was going to marry that girl and didn’t want to rush things, Chance explained. Therefore, shaking my head in fear, I retreated to the rear of the group and avoided making eye contact.

On the day of his wedding, he was thrilled with his accomplishments. “It’s happening 16 years later. The venue and time for my wedding are this weekend,” the Voice coach added. It’s my destiny, so I’m going to dance with my wife.

After Kensli was born in 2016, the couple experienced a temporary separation before coming back together. The proposal was made in April 2018.

He stated that, while making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2019, Offset encouraged him to propose to his wife. “Set and I met at French Montana’s house during a party.

He grabbed me aside when we were all in the backyard and informed that he and Cardi B had just been married there, he said.

I returned home after hearing him say, “Yo, you need to take care of business,” and two months later I got down on one knee.

In addition, Kristen talked about her experiences with postpartum depression and launched the apparel line BOBY.

She told Essence, “I truly had never learned about self-care in that sense because I had always been just me doing whatever I wanted. When I faced postpartum depression, it was incredibly eye opening.”

Then, after I became a mother, I was forced to take some time to myself. I wasn’t able to fully comprehend the multiple changes my body through until I was around a year postpartum, which simply means that a year after giving birth is when I first felt like, “Alright, I am struggling and I need help.”

Thankfully, I had wonderful mothers who were friends of mine who were mothers before or became mothers at the same time over that entire year. They are my saviour. So I usually bring that up.”

In an Instagram post from 2020, Coley also discussed their dysfunctional family structure. ”

I sincerely hope you don’t picture “the perfect family” when you look at us. I hope you see two flawed people trying their best to create a home that is rooted in love and grace,” she wrote.

Marriage is challenging. Saying otherwise or giving you guys the appearance that it’s simple would be reckless. When both of you commit to completing the inner work, I think it is worth it.

It causes you to address a lot of aspects of yourself that you didn’t realise were there, especially during this season when we are home a lot more than we are used to.

A prompt to maintain our gratitude for the family we have built. errors & all

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