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Former Giants Coach Tom Coughlin’s Wife Judy Coughlin Died


Former Giants coach Tom Coughlin’s wife Judy Coughlin has died at 77. This is the most tragic news that Tom Coughlin experienced.

According to reports, Judy Coughlin, the two-time Super Bowl Champion coach, died on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. This news has been trending on the internet, and netizens have expressed their sadness over the death of former coach Tom Coughlin.

There have been many tributes on social media. Many are curious to know how Judy Coughlin died. After doing extensive research, we created this article.

This article will provide you with all the necessary information. Keep reading for more information.

How did Judy Coughlin die?

Judy Coughlin Died

First, what was her age when she died? She breathed her final breath after living a total of 77 years. Judy Whitaker Coughlin, 77. You may think Judy Whitaker Coughlin was dying from old age.

Sources revealed that Judy Coughlin died from a brain disorder. Although she fought for many years with her illness, she finally gave up and died.

According to reports, Tom Caughlin, coach of the team made public his wife’s battle with brain disorder last year. Judy Coughlin’s brain disorder was the real cause of her death. Scroll down to learn more about Judy Coughlin.

According to the source, she was being treated in Atlantic Beach for hospice care, just a few miles from Jacksonville.

John Mara and Steve Tisch, co-owners, said that she was a bright light to all of them. They also stated that she had shared her enthusiasm, vitality and love for the Giants.

Judy was a remarkable woman. She lived a happy life, giving her heart and soul for others. Judy made you feel like an old friend from the first hug to your last.

Judy Coughlin obituary & funeral 

Judy Coughlin obituary

Many people wanted to know more about her funeral. Judy Caughlin’s relatives have not yet announced her funeral or obituary.

We still need to confirm her funeral arrangements. We will update information regarding Judy Caughlin’s funeral arrangements as soon as we receive an official report.

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