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Alexander Pisarev Death Cause: How Did He Die?


What was the Cause of Death for Alexander Pisarev? Russian MMA Fighter Dies at 33:- Alexander Pisarev, a well-known MMA fighter, has died unexpectedly. According to reports, Alexander Pisarev, a Russian MMA fighter, died on Sunday October 30, 2022.

The entire Russian MMA community mourns the sudden death of MMA superstar Alexander Pisarev. This news shocked many. What is the cause of Alexander Pisarev’s death? The sudden death of a Russian MMA fighter was the talk of the town.

After doing extensive research, we came up with the following conclusions. This page will provide all you need to know about Alexander Pisarev’s passing. This page is sticky so be patient. Scroll down to learn more.

What was Alexander Pisarev Cause of Death?

Let’s first discuss Alexander Pisarev, a Russian MMA fighter. According to reports, Alexander Pisarev was 33 years old when he died.

Alexander Pisarev died prematurely, prompting many to ask questions about his cause of death. We did extensive research to find out the reason for his death.

We found the cause of his death in a report. We were certain that he did not have any ongoing medical problems. He was apparently fit and healthy because he was an MMA fighter.

Initial reports claim that Alexander Pisarev died from food poisoning. According to reports, Alexander Pisarev’s wife and he ate a watermelon which caused them to get food poisoning.

Alexander Pisarev’s dad discovered the couple unconscious in their bedroom. According to reports, the MMA fighter had already died before he was able to rush to the hospital. How about his wife? Have a look at the video below.

Alexander Pisarev’s spouse, who also ate poisoned food watermelon, was also taken to hospital. She is currently being treated in the intensive care unit. No media outlet confirmed this news.

Social media was the first to report this news. Canadiansuds tweeted: “An unnamed member the featherweight’s Tomahawk Team told Russian news agency Tass that Alexander Pisarev had died in his sleep. He did not have any chronic diseases. Initial data suggests that the cause of death was food poisoning.

Who is Alexander Pisarev?

Pisarev participated in mixed martial arts with several sponsors throughout his career, including Absolute Championship Berkut or Fight Nights Global.

He was most recently competing in the “Road To PFL” programme of the Russian Cagefighting Championship. This was part of the International Qualifier Series of the Professional Fighters League.

Pisarev, a professional MMA fighter with a 3-2 record and five matches, died unexpectedly on October 30. Tass was told by a member of the Tomahawk team that Alexander Pisarev died peacefully from food poisoning.

Alexander died from food poisoning in October 2022. Police have started their investigation and an autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death of Pisarev. It is also claimed that all housekeepers are being interrogated about how the watermelon got into Pisarev’s home.

Tributes to Alexander Pisarev

Jose Dun tweeted,

Muere el ruso Alexander Pisarev a los 33 años por una supuesta intoxicación alimentaria

King Amara tweeted,

Alexander Pisarev dies after eating ‘poisoned watermelon’ WTF…who does this to another human being.. That’s pure Evil. Rip.

Azrael nOn Stop tweeted,

Russian martial arts fighter Alexander Pisarev dies at 33.

Cris Gosan posted,

Alexander Pisarev, referente de las artes marciales de su país, ha muerto en extrañas circunstancias.

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