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Why Did Jose Castro Kill His Wife? Know The Reason


Jose Castro killed His Wife! Ohio Man Kidnapped Son In South Akron, Explained! After discovering that the child was safe and sound, the Akron Police Department decided to take down the state-wide Amber Alert.

According to reports, Akron Police Department issued an Amber Alert after being informed that a father had allegedly killed his wife and taken his son with him.

The police launched a manhunt and issued an alert across the state. People have been keeping a close eye on this case since the news broke on the internet.

They are now eager to hear updates about Jose Castro, the main suspect in this case. Jose Castro is who and why did he kill his wife? There are many questions to be answered. Follow this page until the end. Scroll down and take a look at the below.

Why did Jose Castro kill his wife?

According to reports, officers from the Akron Police Department located Jose Castro’s 4-year-old son on Monday night. Police have also cancelled the state-wide Amber Alert.

They also stated that they had taken the 4-year old boy with them, and he is now safe and sound. The father of the 4-year old is still at large.

Jose Castro is being sought by police officers for allegedly shooting his wife. Jose Castro is 24 years old, while his wife is 24 years. He is 5′ 9″ tall and has brown hair, brown eyes and stands at 5′ 9″. Jose Castro was last seen wearing black shorts and a white shirt.

According to the source, the Akron Police arrived on the scene in South Akron at 6:50 PM. They found a woman unconscious with multiple gunshot wounds. Jose Castro’s wife was discovered to be the one who found her.

Jose Castro’s wife, Maria Castro, was found unconscious and injured outside the 1100 black on Tulip Street. The officers quickly rushed her to the hospital, where she is now fighting for her life. Continue scrolling down to learn more about Jose Castro.

According to reports, officers obtained dashcam footage that showed the father of the boy at the scene. He was seen getting into his car and grabbing the child’s mother while she lay outside with injuries. Jose Castro, a 24-year-old man is currently on the run. Keep checking this page for further details.

Who is Jose Castro?

The Akron Police Department cancelled the state-wide Amber Alert after a missing child was found safe Monday night.

According to police, a 4-year-old boy was not hurt and was taken into the Akron Police Station. Jose Castro, the father of the child, is believed to have taken him. Castro is not currently being held.

According to Akron police, Castro is dangerous and armed.

Fabian Claudio–Castro was taken by his father, allegedly after the suspect had shot Fabian Claudio–Castro’s mother.

Later, he was’returned unscathed to Akron detectives’. Police claim that a 24-year old man shot and killed a 24-yearold woman. They are currently looking for him.

Castro is 5′ 9″ tall and 132 lbs. He has brown hair and eyes. Castro was last seen wearing black shorts, a white shirt and a white tshirt.

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