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Jessica Robb Canadian Reporter Collapses During Live Broadcast


According to reports, Jessica Robb a popular reporter for Canadian news channel CTV Edmonton suffered a medical emergency on live broadcast on January 8, 2023.

The reporter nearly fell while she was speaking with Nahreman Issa during broadcasting.

She had to be transported to the nearest hospital for treatment immediately after she suffered a stroke. Although she admitted that she was not feeling well, she broadcast on, which shows her commitment to the work.

According to reports, Nahmaan mentions “Sorry Nahreman” during a conversation. I’m sorry Nahreman, but I’m not feeling well right now.

She then left the event due to her poor health. Management provided comfort and sent her under the watchful eye of medical staff to allow them to examine her. She is not currently working and is not worried about falling ill or collapsing at events.

What happened to Jessica Robb?

According to reports, the video of the incident is being circulated on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter.

These few seconds of footage speak out all that she was going through with her health. She was unable to communicate properly due to a fumble and she left the conversation.

She is still the talk of town, especially among those who enjoy her reporting. Therefore, nearly everyone is praying for her quick recovery so she can return to work.

We have provided information that has been derived from other sources. When it comes to our attention, we will let you know.

Our team is working ahead to obtain the information to be able to share it with others who want to know about her current health situation.

We will let you know when it happens, but until then, you don’t need to believe any rumor or false narrative.

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