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Ray Rice Death Cause: Scottsburg Radio Station Owner Died


Ray Rice Death Cause: Ray Rice, Mexican radio station owner, has tragically passed away. Yes, Ray Rice, the radio station owner in Mexico, died at the hospital.

Sources claim that the death of Ray Rice was announced on social media on Monday, January 9, 2023.

Sources say that , the radio station’s owner, has died after his family begged him to return home from an emergency he suffered in the past few days.

Ray Rice, the Mexican radio station’s owner, has died from a stroke. We will now share more details about the incident. For the most recent updates, continue reading.

Ray was taken from Mexico to Texas after suffering a stroke. His family and friends are still trying to find out the cause of his sudden death.

His loved ones have been paying their respects and offering deep sorrow to him since the death announcement was posted on social media.

He was married to his wife. Ray’s family is experiencing a hard time after the loss of their loved one.

How Did Ray Rice Die?

Sources claim that Ray Rice died in Southern Indiana after suffering a stroke in Mexico. Amy Nicholas, a daughter to Ray Rie, claimed that Ray Rice died at 07:30 pm.

She posted a photo of her father captioned “At around 07:30 PM tonight I hugged him as he left the world.” Thank you to all who prayed hard. Your prayers were heard and answered.

Sources claimed that Ray was on vacation in the Caribbean on a cruise ship. He had high blood sugar which was also affecting diabetes and he contracted pneumonia.

He was taken to the hospital after the ship docked in Mexico. His family begged for him to return home after he was admitted to state hospital.

105.3 FM which has a license in Scottsburg, Indiana and serves the Louisville, Kentucky. The station is now owned by DR Rice Broadcasting, Inc.

He is a great friend, a father and grandfather, as well as a son. The entire family is currently going through a tough time after the loss of their loved one.

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