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Jeep Wrangler vehicle modifications. Vehicle safety. Vehicle add-ons. After-market parts and accessories.


Jeep Wrangler vehicle modifications. Vehicle safety. Vehicle add-ons. After-market parts and accessories

Have you ever driven your jeep at a high speed and have done some damage to your hood latch through the vibrations and jostling during your leisure excursion? This can be potentially serious as at the right speed and if a gust of wind should come up, the hood could pop and an accident is waiting to happen. The hood bumping and jumping around can be a distraction and not only does it distract from an enjoyable drive but it’s also a hazard too. With a heavy-duty hood latch option you can drive around at whatever speed you like on whatever rugged terrain you like secure in the knowledge that your hood is safely secured and won’t suddenly pop open. Do check Overland Offroad Accessories if you are looking for new parts for your vehicle.

When you stop to think about it, the vehicle’s door frame can experience a significant amount of wear and tear through everyday use. This happens every time you enter your vehicle. Consider installing a protective entry guard to the door frame. This can be made of either thermoplastic, stainless steel or aluminum. The attachment is easy and usually uses a 3M adhesive. This is an easy and affordable modification that can help protect your car from constant foot traffic.

A grab handle can be a handy modification. Not only can it assist you or a passenger in climbing into the Jeep, but it also acts as a support for you to reach for when you hit a turn at a high speed. This is an ideal attachment. There are many types of grab handles available on the market to choose from and they are easy to install. It can attach either to the roll cage or to the front A pillar. They come in foam, heavy duty and nylon. A grab handle will provide stability during your ride. It’s well worth looking into.

Moving on, we have floor liners. This is a big area to cover. (No pun intended.) It protects your Jeep from mud, dirt, and grass, etc. It prevents your car from getting messy. And who wants a messy car, right? As the proud owner of your car, you’ll have a wide selection to choose from. There are all-weather heavy-duty liners. They are basically the one-stop when it comes to floor liners as it will protect your vehicle from anything conceivably imaginable you could track in. They’re designed to fit over factory floor carpet. A bonus is that it’s easy to clean. There are also floor liners that are stain-resistant. Handy if you happen to spill your morning cup of java while on the go. A polyethylene liner is similar to the heavy-duty liner, with the exception that it has a tread molded into it much similar to a tire track. Rubberized mats are perfect for protecting your car against moisture like mud, snow, and slush. The usefulness and versatility of the variety of floor liners is something well worth having. You’ll be able to virtually have all areas of your Jeep covered.

No self-respecting Jeep owner should be without some Light Emitting Diode, more commonly known as LED lights. Yes, from an aesthetic point of view, it does make your car shine like a heavy-duty Christmas tree, but under certain weather conditions, the high intensity of an LED light is great to have if encountering fog. What’s interesting to note, is that right off the floor, the factory-installed lights are not very sufficient and are underpowered. So by default, this is a modification of great benefit.

There is a plethora of reasonably priced aftermarket LED lights that can give you double the illumination power of the factory-installed lights. And because they are LED lights, they use half the amps in comparison to the factory-installed. In doing your homework, you’ll find that there are two main types of LED upgrades you can use. What must be taken into consideration is PROJECTOR or REFLECTOR style housings. They determine how the light beam will be cast down the road in the distance as well as the output beam pattern. But both are highly effective for your Jeep.

When one thinks of a Jeep, we may think of the WW2 Willys Jeep going over all sorts of terrain in the theatre of battle. But in civilian life, a Jeep owner may want to consider a Jeep lift. As the name implies, it gives the chassis clearance to drive over boulders, rocks and any other large obstacles which might cause damage to the undercarriage. A lift kit assists the Jeep by giving it increased clearance, approach, and departure angle and much more. You want the freedom that comes to mind of just being able to enjoy your ride and not have to worry about encountering obstacles. And due to this additional lift, if you encounter terrains such as a river or a flooded road, you can drive on through with total confidence. This is a must-have modification to your vehicle.

And speaking of river terrain, you may be the adventurous sort that likes to take your Jeep off-roading to pursue the path definitely less traveled. In this case, you’ll need recovery gear. Recovery gear is a winch that is attached to your front bumper. If you should happen to get stuck, you can use your winch to get out of a tight spot. This doesn’t have to be an expensive modification either. It can also be used to help you if you get stuck in snow or mud. And while you’re at it, you might want to have on hand other items such as a fire extinguisher, LED wind up rechargeable flashlight, heavy-duty jack and a first-aid kit.

Of course, there are other more obvious modifications. There are wheels and rims, paint jobs and other such detailing. One may even consider a souped-up car stereo system.

New bumpers can also be added on this list too. They can definitely make your Jeep look more attractive on the road.

At this point, it may be overlooked due to the physical nature inherent to vehicle modification. But you as the owner/driver of your Jeep should be equally prepared. Prepared for what, you ask? Well if you’re especially excited about taking your newly tricked out vehicle way off-road, it may be well worth your while to take some safety courses in off-road driving. Yes, even if you are an experienced driver for many years, it can’t hurt to be prepared in this respect. Safety must always come first.

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