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Who Is John Philip Fisher? Receives Backlash Online


Many controversies are circulating on social networking sites. Almost every time these agonist exploits continue to be a topic of wide discussion among all those who regularly scroll through their daily news feeds. Read on to find more about John Philip Fisher.

Similar stories are gaining attention on social media. Balenciaga launched a campaign to promote her “Objects” collection, while having child models pose with teddy bears featuring fetish themes.

Once everyone was familiar with the collection, they began to criticize the authority. Below you will find all the information you need along with some undiscovered facts.

According to exclusive reports, Kim Kardashians, a Balenciaga ambassador, made a statement.

However, the photos have been removed and Balenciaga has taken action against the photoshoot. Social networking sites have seen a lot of condemnation for the brand’s actions.

It is because a child model was used with Fetish themes. The authorities will be brought under investigation so they can apologise for previous activities.

Who is John Philip Fisher?

According to Twitter, users have revealed a framed diploma from John Phillip Fisher (80), who is being accused of child sexual abuse in Balenciaga’s controversial campaign.

John Philip is also being investigated on seven counts of Se*ual misconduct. The case will continue as long as it is. If he is found guilty, police will not hesitate to send him behind bars.

There is nothing worse than hearing such news. Almost everyone is venting their anger and asking the authorities to take better actions.

We have already mentioned some of the important sources, but others are still pending. Our team is looking forward to obtaining more information to share with those who are interested.

We will let you know when it is available, but until then, you don’t need to follow any false narratives or rumours as there are thousands. Keep watching for more information and follow us on chopnews.

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