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Jambey Tashi Death Cause: How Did He Die?


We are pleased to announce the passing of Jambey Tashi, a three-time MLA for Arunachal Pradesh. Jambey Tashi, a well-known politician, has passed away. This tragic news was announced just hours ago, Wednesday, November 2, 2022. It has been trending on social media in India since Jambey Tashi’s passing news was posted online.

Arunachal Pradesh has begun to pay tribute on social media to the politician. How did Jambey Taki die? What happened to Jambey Tashi? The sections below will help you answer many questions. Please drag the page down and take a closer look at him below.

Let us begin by introducing Jambey Tashi. Jambey Tashi was the MLA for the Lumla constituency of Arunachal Pradesh in BJP. Jambey Tashi, a three-time MLA for the same constituency, was mentioned.

Jambey Tashi, prior to joining Bhartiya Janta Party was a member of both the Indian National Congress (INC) and People’s Party of Arunachal. Jambey Tashi, however, was famous as the cousin to the Arunachal Pradesh CM. You can find out his age by scrolling down.

How did Jambey Tashi die?

Jambey Tashi, BJP MLA, has died prematurely. This news is shocking for his supporters in his political journey. According to reports Jambey Tashi was 48 years old when he died.

People were curious about his cause of death because he died so soon. Jambey Tashi died unexpectedly.

According to the source, the Lumla MLA was admitted to the Down Town Hospital in Guwahati (Assam) for the last few days. There he also took his final breath.

After a brief battle with illness, he died. Jambey Tashi’s death is still unknown. The renowned politicians from Arunachal Pradesh shared their condolences and tributes online after Jambey Tashi’s death.

The CM of Arunachal Pradesh posted, “Death of brother Shri Jambey Tashi ji Hon MLA for Lumla Assembly Constituency” in a tweet. I am deeply grieved by this tragedy and join the family’s prayers. Dear Brother, may your ultimate bliss be Nirvana.

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