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Jake From State Farm Net Worth: While the Super Bowl game on Sunday may not have been as exciting as many had hoped, the advertisements are usually a crowd pleaser.

State Farm Insurance has a notable commercial in which “Jake From State Farm ” discovers that his behind-the-scenes stand-in is none other than music phenom Drake.

The world was introduced to this “Jake from State Farm”

Jake From State Farm Net Worth

Actual character we’ve all come to know today one year ago on Super Bowl Sunday, and the very real man behind the red shirt and khakis is obviously relishing the moment.

Kevin Miles is a Chicago native who grew up on the city’s South Side. He grew up loving sports and claims to have been raised during the Michael Jordan era.

After his father saw his son’s admiration for what he was viewing on television, the 30-year-old accomplished his dream of becoming an actor at the age of nine.

“You’re watching all these shows on TV about awesome people doing cool stuff and you want to be them.” And you can be anything as an actor,” Miles recalls his father telling him.

Miles began acting in elementary school soon after, including a play of Romeo and Juliet. Miles recalls his upbringing by saying, “I was a huge kid, I was like 240 [pounds].”

“So, I got to be ‘Lord Capulet,'” says the actor. It was my first time performing on stage, and I vividly recall feeling like Marlon Brando in The Godfather up there. The response was fantastic, and I saw a plethora of acting prospects.”

Miles went on to study theatre at the Chicago Academy for the Arts before continuing his education at Webster University’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts in St. Louis.

He earned a BFA in acting and focused on getting great work after graduation, originally unclear of which place he would have the best luck in.

“I couldn’t decide if I wanted to move to LA or New York or whether I should stay in Chicago, where I grew up, and save money and earn some credits,” Miles says. “All I wanted to do was come to Los Angeles.” So.

I purchased a one-way ticket. My mother accompanied me and assisted me in obtaining an old used Mustang, after which she left the next day. I didn’t have a place to live. I brought two bags and a cushion with me.”

At the time, the ambitious actor recalls sleeping in his car for a week until locating a place to rent that was far too pricey for his almost non-existent salary.

“I was food running for a while, which was difficult because I had all these Theatre degrees and was food running every week in my graduation suit.” It was terrifying.”

Miles began submitting “obsessively” for acting gigs, big and small, after a couple of his pals suggested he get on casting networks to get more recognised. “It was unquestionably difficult.

I persisted. It was a case of taking things one at a time and making sure I put my best foot forward and went for it.”

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Miles began booking ads before he even had an agent, thanks to his good fortune and determination. Then he heard about the television commercial role of “Jake from State Farm.”

“I didn’t see a red polo and khakis in the wardrobe, so I walked up with a white shirt, grey blazer, black distressed jeans, and Jordans.”

I did the audition, and then I did the callback, and you showed up in the same thing [you wore before], and I’m looking around and seeing a hundred people in red polos and khakis, and I’m thinking, Man, did I miss something? “Crap!” I exclaim as I take out my phone.

According to Miles, the audition process was cut down to roughly ten persons, and focus groups watched the auditions and callbacks before voting on their chosen candidate. “With the exception of maybe one [group], I always tested first in the focus groups.”

Rand [Harbert], State Farm’s CMO, is a fantastic guy, but he let me know I wasn’t searching for you. I was on a mission to find the original ‘Jake.’ When my wife viewed your callback sheet, she immediately stated, ‘That’s your Jake.’

Miles has often recorded advertisements alongside sports celebrities like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, as well as Drake, who he describes as one of his all-time favourite singers, more than a year later.

When it comes to working with these renowned guys, Miles adds, “I want to appreciate them and cherish their time.”

“I’m like thrilled as a fan during the cut moments [between filming], but then I want to lock in and focus.” It was just fantastic to be able to feel like I was in the company of these living legends of their trade.

It appears that I am capable of hanging! I’m really thrilled that I’ll be able to accomplish that with them so soon. I’m so grateful, honoured, and humbled that they allowed me to spend time with those guys and see how they work and think.”

Miles has noticed that his fame is growing and that people are taking note of him when he goes out in public. “They never refer to Kevin, which is fine” (laughs). ‘Jake,’ they’ll say. Even on set, they simply say, “Hey Jake!” and I respond. It was most likely the mask that started it all.

People would say to me as I walked my dog, “Hey, you’re Jake from State Farm.” They were still able to tell! I was in the store once with my glasses on and a hat on, in full incognito mode. Someone said, “Man, your voice is so recognisably yours.” That was both cool and strange.”

Miles is also intent on furthering his acting career outside of his work with State Farm, and he thinks that his ad performances will aid him in his future film and television endeavours.

“It’s more of a stepping stone in my eyes than something that is going to box me in,” Miles says when asked whether he is concerned that people will only be able to view him ahead as “Jake from State Farm.”

In our [State Farm] meetings, we refer to it as a “spokes-influencer.” If they know my real name is Kevin, that’s fine. Stephanie Courtney is the actress that plays ‘Flo’ in the Progressive PGR +0.9 percent advertising. It’s fine that these are actors playing these parts.”

Miles hopes to follow in the footsteps of pioneering actors such as Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington. Miles’ desire to succeed in acting stems in part from his desire to please his parents.

“My parents are foster children who have had a difficult upbringing, and I want to treat them like royalty for the first time in their lives.”

In terms of his future as “Jake from State Farm,” he plans to continue playing the character with other acting ventures for many years.

“They’re genuinely very, really lovely people, which makes it feel like it’s a real good experience being with them,” Miles says of his connection with State Farm.

I’ve told them that my dream is to win a couple of Oscars while still being ‘Jake’ for a little while, assuming I’m not too old to do so. I’m going to keep doing it for as long as I can.”

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