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How to use the technology in your link building campaigns?


How to use the technology in your link building campaigns?: Link building is certainly one of the most effective tactics in the SEO campaign but it can be the most difficult tactic if you do not use any innovative technology to implement it or if you do not know how to use the technology in your link building campaigns.

There are many technologies found in the market for link building campaign and Linktracker.pro is one of them. SEO has now become the backbone of any online business and so you should not take any chance but to use the best technology so that you can reap the maximum benefit out of it.

Hence in this article we have come up with some latest technology available in the marketing for link building campaign.

How to use the technology in your link building campaigns?

Some best link building technology and its uses

The following are some latest technologies that you can be used in your link building campaign:

1. Ahrefs

It is one of the best and largest backlink indexes in the world. This link building software suite is basically designed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pros. It is the best backlink checker and you can keep track of your entire data on the dashboard.

One of the main features that you will get in Ahrefs is keyword ranking. It is certainly a very solid keyword research tool and it also provides technical SEO site audits.

2. Guest Post Tracker

This is another ink building technology that is highly suitable when you need to publish a huge number of guest posts. It comes up with a number of guest posting opportunities and helps in managing the link building campaign.

In this link building technology, all that you need to do is to choose a guest blogging website, reach out and pitch out the idea, and then write and submit the content.   

3. GroupHigh

It is another essential content marketing tool with the help of which it becomes possible to find information about the blogger’s content quickly. This is one of the world’s largest blogger databases.

This essential technology permits you to import website, social post content, and blog for building a report of content’s engagement, shares, click as well as links. It includes numerous visual reports which permit customisation and display the earned media. 

4. BuzzStream

This is another excellent technology and is an outreach platform that helps in staying organized with email outreach. You can use this technology instead of a spreadsheet or Gmail for tracking conversations and managing campaigns in an effective manner throughout multiple projects.

It also helps in discovering contact information, social profiles, and site metric. This technology can also save your emails and tweets automatically and it also permits you to set reminder for follow up.

5. Disavow.it

This is another excellent tool that is highly used for compiling or cleaning the disavow files. Apart from that, with the help of this technology, it will also become possible to upload files to Google search engines automatically.

This technology is very useful when there is a list of URL and you need to apply the disavow files to the list of URLs for observing which will or will not disavow. This technology is also very helpful when you proactively disavow shady links.

6. JustReachOut

It is another excellent technology that comes up with PR software as well as guidelines for getting the exposure that you need to grow your business. In short, this technology is very helpful when you will require getting the links and mentioning them in the press.

This technology also uses pre-populated pitch templates with the help of which it becomes possible to yield the highest open as well as response rates. So, with this technology you will be able to make your PR pitch very effectively that can help you in standing out from a huge competition. 

7. Moz Link Explorer

This is another excellent innovative link building technology that helps in getting complete link metrics for any kind of website that includes Page authority as well as domain authority.

It is also very easy to use and all you need to do is just enter the URL of the webpage that you want to get link data for getting comprehensive analysis for the URL.