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Learning the Basics of Excel Spreadsheet and Other Helpful Tips


Recent data shows that around 750 million people use Microsoft Excel from around the world. Excel software is primarily used for capturing and manipulating data so that you can better understand it, and see the big picture.

Learning the Basics of Excel Spreadsheet and Other Helpful Tips

Unfortunately, many people that use this platform struggle to understand some of the most basic functions. 

Continue reading if you want to discover some of the best Excel spreadsheet basics that you can use to better comprehend your work! 

Insert Videos

One of the most critical Excel spreadsheet basics to know is how to insert videos and pictures into your document. 

This Excel core resource can help you learn how to get quality videos into your spreadsheet. Videos and pictures can be supplemental for work projects and it is easy to do. 

To insert a video, go to your Insert menu and select the “Create from File” tab. From there, you can use the dialog box to choose your video. Before finishing and pressing “okay,” make sure that the “Display As Icon” box is filled in. 

Get Rid of Empty Cells

Excel is often used in the workplace and for school because it can display a lot of data in an organized manner.

Unfortunately, you must know how to clean up your work so that empty cells aren’t distracting. To get rid of your empty cells all at once, go to the Data tab and select “filter.” From here, you must undo the “Select All” and change it to “Blanks.” Your blank cells should all highlight and you can right-click to delete them. 

Your superiors and peers will be impressed by your easy to read format!

Add Borders & Slashes

Have you ever been working on Excel, and felt confused because there was a lack of organization? 

By adding borders and slashes, in or around your cells, you can quickly look over your work and focus on the important areas. On the Home tab, you can select “font” and then “borders.” This will prompt a box to pop up with details on how to format your cells. Depending on your work, you can add thick or thin borders.

There are also options for dashed and dotted borders. Many people recommend using the double-lined borders for totaled figures. 

Use AutoCorrect to Your Advantage

Did you know that you can create typing shortcuts with the AutoCorrect functions on Excel?

Instead of spending hours typing out long names and information, you can use AutoCorrecting rules to help you. Select the File tab and go to “options” and then “Proofing” and “AutoCorrect. A box will come up and you can add exceptions. For example, if your business name was Harper Incorporated, you add a rule that “HI” autocorrects to the full name. 

This will help save you time and can increase your data entry speed. 

Master These Excel Spreadsheet Basics Today

Many people don’t understand the full capabilities of the software. By learning Excel spreadsheet basics, you can become a pro. 

This Excel spreadsheet guide can help you navigate through work and keep information organized. Borders are an excellent way to draw attention to important figures, but you should also reduce empty cells in your work.

There are many ways to display work with Excel and with the right information, you can create the best spreadsheets. 

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