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How Cher’s Mother Georgia Holt Died? Know The Reason


We are sorry to announce that Cher’s Mother Georgia Holt died. She was 96. A representative of the music icon confirmed the news that she had died. She was surrounded by her family at the time.

The sad news is now out that the 76 year-old took to Twitter on Saturday night to share this terrible piece of information. She wrote “Mom has gone” on the bird app.

Many of her well-wishers and fans have been saddened by the news that has spread all over the internet. The article below explains what happened to her.

Cher’s Mother Georgia Holt Died

Cher took to Twitter on December 11, 2022 to tell her mother she was gone. She also added a sad emoticon. The post was quickly flooded with RIP and tributary messages. The 76-year old American singer used to often post about her mother, which was a sign of how much she loved her.

The Believe singer posted a lovely picture of Holt in June to wish her a happy birthday. Cher later thanked her mother by responding to a Twitter fan in November. Cher wrote: “My mom is 96+, and my sister, I are blessed every single day 2 have her.”

Holt was a singer and songwriter who released the 1980s prerecorded album “Honky Tonk Woman”, in 2013. Cher featured on the album with the song “I’m Just Your Yesterday”. In the documentary “Dear Mom. Love Cher”, Holt and Cher also shared their family lives.

The mother-daughter duo had been working together before the premiere. Holt’s only survivor is Cher. Georganne LaPierre was her second husband John Southall.

Two grandchildren were born to the woman, Chaz Bono, Cher’s son, and Elijah Blue Allman (known in the industry as P. Exeter Blue).

Who is Cher Holt?

Cher Holt is an American singer. She is also an actor and a television personality. The media refer to her as “Goddess Pop”, and she has been called the “Goddess” of Pop.

She has been described by media as embodying female autonomy within a male-dominated industry. Cher was born in California on May 20, 1946.

She is well-known for her unique contralto singing voice, as well as having worked in many areas of entertainment. Cher is currently mourning the death of her mother.

We should also mention that she has not yet revealed the cause of her death. According to some reports, she died from pneumonia. For more updates, follow Chopnews

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