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House of Anubis Cast: Everything You Need to Know

House of Anubis Cast
House of Anubis Cast

House of Anubis Cast was a mystery drama series on Nickelodeon from 2011 to 2013. The show focused on a group of students living at Anubis House boarding school and uncovering secrets, mysteries and ancient curses based on Het Huis Anubis created by Hans Bourlon and Gert Verhulst from Belgium/The Netherlands.

Main Cast of House of Anubis

Main Cast of House of Anubis

House of Anubis features nine students who belong to Sibuna Club – an investigative secret society which investigates mysteries within Anubis House – as its main cast. They include:

Nina Martin (Natalia Ramos)

Nina is an American newcomer who quickly ascends the ranks at Sibuna as leader and was chosen as part of an ancient prophecy. She’s smart, brave and loyal; yet stubborn and impulsive at times – and ultimately falls for Fabian.

Fabian Rutter (played by Brad Kavanagh)

Fabian is Nina’s close companion and romantic interest, both intellectually, physically, and romantically. He’s kind, courageous, intelligent and confident yet sometimes awkward and uncertain of himself; an expert in Egyptian mythology and history as well.

Patricia Williamson (played by Jade Ramsey)

Patricia is a rebellious and sarcastic girl living with Nina as roommates and friends, yet stubborn, hot-headed, and impulsive at times. She forms an unlikely romance with Eddie.

Ana Mulvoy-Ten portrays Amber Millington, Nina’s friend and roommate who can often be found wearing stylish fashion. Although positive in nature, Amber can sometimes be vain or foolish. Her romantic relationship with Alfie may or may not exist.

Mara Jaffray (Tasie Lawrence)

Mara is Patricia’s intelligent and responsible roommate; however, she can be shy, insecure and easily manipulated at times. Mara has recently found love with Mick.

Mick Campbell (played by Bobby Lockwood)

Mick is an athletic and competitive boy whom Mara falls in love with; however, his personality veers between sporty confidence and friendliness to arrogant immaturity and insensitivity. In season 2, Mick transfers to another school.

Eugene Simon plays Eugene Clarke as Jerome Clarke – Alfie’s best friend who can often cause trouble and is charming while at times selfish, dishonest and manipulative. They engage in romantic relations in season 3. In season 3, Jerome Clarke begins an affair with Mara.

Alfie Lewis (Alex Sawyer)

Alfie is Jerome’s goofy and adventurous best friend who can often be found mischief making. He can be humorous, loyal and brave at times but also immature and childish; having developed romantic feelings towards Amber.

Joy Mercer (Klariza Clayton)

Joy is Patricia’s mysterious and ambitious best friend who goes missing on the first day of school and reappears during season 2 as part of a secret society. Joy is smart, determined, confident yet jealous, manipulative and possessive of Fabian; in turn she harbors feelings for him.

Supporting Cast of House of Anubis

Supporting Cast of House of Anubis

House of Anubis features an ensemble cast, including students, teachers and staff that either live at Anubis House or participate in its mysteries. These individuals include:

Eddie Miller (Burkely Duffield)

Eddie is an American bad boy who first appears in season 2. As the son of the school’s headmaster, Eddie quickly becomes Patricia’s love interest and an Osirian, or protector, of her Chosen One. Although rebellious and self-absorbed at times, Eddie remains loyal, courageous and caring all at the same time.

KT Rush (Alexandra Shipp)

She appears in season three as an American girl whose grandmother knew Robert Frobisher-Smythe. KT becomes Eddie’s friend and ally in solving the mystery, yet remains guarded, secretive, independent and stubborn at times.

Louisa Connolly-Burnham plays the eccentric and quirky Willow Jenks who first appears as a new student at Anubis House during season 3. She quickly becomes Jerome’s love interest while becoming close with KT; she’s cheerful, optimistic, naive but loyal, courageous and creative all at the same time.

Victor Rodenmaar Jr. (played by Francis Magee)

Victor is the strict and sinister caretaker of Anubis House who belongs to a secret society working towards awakening Robert Frobisher-Smythe from his eternal sleep. While ruthless in his commitment, Victor can also be lonely and vulnerable due to being obsessed with his mission.

Eric Sweet (Paul Antony-Barber)

Eric is the headmaster of a school and also part of Victor’s secret society. He can be intimidating and manipulative but also cowardly and uncertain of himself and others around him.

Mina Anwar plays Trudy Rehman, Anubis House’s housemother who is kind, caring and supportive to students living there. While she remains unaware of its secrets, Trudy often assists Sibuna Club unwittingly.

Caroline Denby (portrayed by Susy Kane )

Caroline Denby is an English history teacher who makes an appearance in season 3 as part of Victor’s secret society. She is Robert Frobisher-Smythe’s granddaughter and Harriet Denby’s sister; cold, ruthless, ambitious yet loyal, determined and cunning are characteristics she exemplifies.

Sartaj Garewal plays Jasper Choudhary (an art teacher who first appears in Season 2). He becomes Vera Devenish’s close companion as part of Victor’s secret society and Caroline Denby’s flame; yet at times can also be manipulative, deceitful, greedy, and cowardly.

Vera Devenish (portrayed by Poppy Miller )

She takes over Trudy as part of Victor’s secret society in season 2, replacing Trudy as Robert Frobisher-Smythe’s former nurse and Caroline Denby’s friend. Vera can be sneaky and greedy but also smart and loyal.

Senkhara (Sophiya Haque)

Nina is haunted by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian queen named Senkhara who haunts her during Season 2. Senkhara desires eternal life from Nina by finding the Mask of Anubis; she can be cruel and vindictive at times but she can also be powerful, cunning, and charismatic if she gets what she wants from Nina.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: How many seasons and episodes are featured in House of Anubis?

A: House of Anubis contains three seasons with 190 episodes spread out between them; 60 in season 1, 90 episodes in season 2, and 40 episodes for season three.

Q: Why did Nathalia Ramos leave House of Anubis?

A: Nathalia Ramos decided to leave House of Anubis after season 2 to concentrate on her college education, and was replaced by Alexandra Shipp as KT Rush in season 3.

Q: Are Brad Kavanagh and Nathalia Ramos actually dating in real life?

A: No, Brad Kavanagh and Nathalia Ramos do not currently share romantic feelings in real life. While they remain good friends and co-stars on set, neither one have ever shown romantic interest for one another.

Q: Where can I watch House of Anubis online?

A: House of Anubis can be watched online through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play and YouTube streaming platforms as well as via DVD purchase or rental from online and physical stores.

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