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Crossing Jordan Cast 4
Crossing Jordan Cast 4

Cast of Chicago Fire, created by Dick Wolf and airing on Chopnews since 2012, follows the lives of firefighters, paramedics and rescue squad members of the Chicago Fire Department. Premiering on October 13, 2021 for its 12th season.

Chicago Fire: Chicago PD features an ensemble cast that spans multiple shows within its franchise, some of whom have even crossed over into another series within it. Here are some key members from its cast.

Cast of chicago fire: Jesse Spencer as Captain Matthew Casey

cast of chicago fire
cast of chicago fire

Jesse Spencer stars as Captain Matthew Casey of Truck Company  at Firehouse, who is an adept leader who often risks his life to save others. His relationship with Gabriela Dawson (former paramedic and firefighter who left him for Puerto Rico relief work), remains complex while he shares an uneasy one with Kelly Severide from Squad Company (a former rival who eventually becomes friends) continues to develop into mutual respect between themselves.

Cast of Chicago Fire

Spencer is an Australian actor best known for his portrayal of Dr. Robert Chase on the medical drama House. Additionally, he has appeared in films such as Uptown Girls, Swimming Upstream and The Girl Is in Trouble.

 Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide of cast of chicago fire

Cast of Chicago Fire

Taylor Kinney stars as Lieutenant Kelly Severide of Squad Company 3 at Firehouse 51. A charismatic yet reckless firefighter, Kelly often clashes with authority figures and is well known as an alluring ladies’ man. While his squad members consider him part of their family unit, his relationship with Benny Severide (another former firefighter who left them when young) remains complicated.

Kinney is an American actor and model best known for his portrayal of Mason Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries supernatural drama series. Additionally, he has made appearances in films like Zero Dark Thirty, The Other Woman and The Forest.

Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson in cast of chicago fire

Cast of Chicago Fire

Monica Raymund stars as Gabriela Dawson, an ambitious paramedic in charge and firefighter candidate at Firehouse 51. Gabriela is passionate and caring, always willing to go above and beyond for both patients and colleagues alike. Gabriela married Matthew Casey but divorced shortly thereafter due to suffering a miscarriage; later leaving Chicago for Puerto Rico relief work before briefly returning briefly home for visits with friends and family.

Raymund is an American actress best known for her portrayal of Maria “Ria” Torres on the crime drama Lie to Me. Additionally, she has made appearances in films like Arbitrage, Brahmin Bulls and Happy Baby.

Cast of chicago fire: Lauren German as Leslie Shay

Cast of Chicago Fire

  • Lauren German portrays Leslie Shay, a former paramedic at Firehouse 51 who became Gabriela Dawson’s partner and best friend before sharing an apartment with Kelly Severide and sharing an openly gay lifestyle characterized by sarcasm and open sexuality. Tragically, Leslie Shay made her final sacrifice while on duty when an arsonist caused an explosion which claimed her life during Season Three premiere episode.
  • German is an American actress best known for her portrayal of Chloe Decker on the fantasy comedy-drama Lucifer, as well as appearing in films such as A Walk to Remember, Hostel Part II and The Divide.
  • Other main cast members
  • Eigenberg stars as Christopher Herrmann, an engine company 51 firefighter and lieutenant. Additionally, he co-owns Molly’s Bar, frequented by both firefighters and other characters from Firehouse.
  • Eamonn Walker stars as Wallace Boden, battalion chief and deputy district chief at Firehouse 51. A respected leader, he often acts as mentor and father figure to his crew members.
  • Joe Minoso portrays Joe Cruz, an engineer for Squad Company 3 at Firehouse 51 who provides reliable support while simultaneously entertaining audiences with his comic antics.
  • Kara Killmer plays Sylvie Brett, an on-call paramedic at Firehouse 51 who replaces Leslie Shay after her death and becomes Gabriela Dawson’s partner and friend; later becoming romantically involved with Matthew Casey.
  • Alberto Rosende plays Blake Gallo, an applicant to Firehouse 51 who joined their ranks after impressing Kelly Severide with his bravery and ability. Alberto Rosende joined in Season Eight after impressing Kelly Severide with his bravery and skills.
  • Daniel Kyri plays Darren Ritter, an F51 firefighter candidate who joined in Season 8. After switching over from another firehouse, Darren began dating Blake Gallo after joining Firehouse  as part of its eighth-season crew. Daniel Kyri portrays this openly gay character.
  • Hanako Greensmith stars as Violet Mikami, a paramedic at Firehouse 51 who joined in season 9 after Gianna Mackey left to work at another firehouse. She’s known to enjoy flirting with Kelly Severide. mes

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q.  When does Chicago Fire air?

A. Chicago Fire airs on Wednesday nights at 9 pm ET/PT on NBC.

Q. How many episodes will be included in Chicago Fire Season 12?

A. According to NBC, Chicago Fire season 12 will consist of 22 episodes.

Q. How can I watch Chicago Fire online?

A. Chicago Fire can be watched online through various sources including NBC’s official website and app, Peacock, Hulu, YouTube TV, fuboTV and Sling TV.

Q. Are the events in Chicago Fire based on real events or experiences of real firefighters and paramedics in Chicago?

A. While Chicago Fire does not follow any true story, its storylines draw inspiration from real-life incidents experienced by firefighters and paramedics in Chicago. Furthermore, technical advisors as well as former firefighters provide input for accuracy and realism of its storylines.

Q. Will there be a spin-off for Chicago Fire?

A. As of now, no plans for a Chicago Fire spin-off exist, although this show forms part of a franchise with three other shows: Chicago P.D., Chicago Med and Chicago Justice which all crossover frequently. These shows often share characters and storylines and often share characters within each series as well.

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