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Hobby Lobby CEO Founder David Green Company


Hobby Lobby CEO: founder David Green, a preacher’s son from a humble family, established his first crafts store in 1970 with a $600 loan.

With $6.4 billion in 2020 sales, his company has evolved from a single 300-square-foot store in Oklahoma City to 957 outlets in 46 states.

Hobby Lobby CEO of the David Green company

Hobby Lobby CEO

He is still the CEO of Hobby Lobby and works six days a week, despite being a fervent Christian.

He won a Supreme Court decision in 2014 that exempted “closely held” businesses with strong religious beliefs from administering the morning-after pill to their employees.

Green and his family invested $500 million in the Bible Museum in Washington, D.C., which opened in 2017.

Thousands of smuggled antiquities have had to be returned to Egypt and Iraq by the Museum, which is chaired by Green’s son Steve.

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