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Hill Station in Kerala You Must Visit


Hill Station in Kerala: Hi, Friends. Today I am going to shares some exciting information on Top 10 Hill Station in Kerala. Please gooing from the article and enjoy reading it.

Top 10 Hill Station in Kerala You Must Visit

Hill Station in Kerala

The beautiful place of Kerala offers an eye-catching way of views. It charms its visitors. These are the charming hill stations loaded up with all willingly tea and coffee estates. Endless spice fields and an all-cause to take place the view on the fog covered with hills. Consideration of whether on a family trip a romantic experience, the hill stations in Kerala. It gives more chances for an energizing and refreshing vacation. So if one intends to visit Kerala’s place, enjoy the unpleasant backwaters, beaches for a trip to one of the Kerala hill stations. It has the new mountain air and grand views, trust us that one won’t be disappointed.

Is one have to seek a refreshing escape in Kerala? Kerala is home to different surprising hill stations. But there are such a large number of hill stations in God’s own Country. Here is a list of the best ones that are only picking for one. Examine carefully on to think about the Top Hill Stations in Kerala.

1. Wayanad – For Mist Clad Mountains

With its fog-covered mountains and sloping rivers, Wayanad is a perfect destination for Kerala’s weekend getaway. The great perfection, Thick rainforest, impressive waterfalls. The spice estates give a great deal to see and lots of adventure sports to enjoy the Wayanad is one of the most visited hill stations in Kerala.

Day to Visit the Place: The best reasonable chance to visit Wayanad is from October to May.

2. Munnar – For Aromatic Tea Gardens

The famous hill station of Munnar is celebrating its romantic plot for its wealthy tea estates. What is more, if one plans well, one can see the valley that turns blue during the bloom of Neelakurinji, their flowers just a single time in twelve years.

Day to Visit the Place: The best reasonable chance to visit Munnar is from October, November, and January to May.

3. Vagamon – A Heavenly Hill Station

It is surrounding by a range of thee hills. Vagamon is a place of detailed magnificence. With a component of mountains, timberlands, and hills. A great deal of emotional intelligence to acknowledge in this heavenly hill station is a perfect weekend getaway from Kochi. Go on nature mark with the cherished ones to see controlled wild oxen—the elephants washing in the little lakes for a romantic evening. Vagamon gives a mix of both new and relaxing places of interest to visit on vacation.

Day to Visit the Place: The best reasonable chance to visit Vagamon is in the month of summer from March to May.

4. Ponmudi – An Appealing Hill Station

One of Kerala’s charming hill stations is close to Trivandrum, with curvy roads that give engaging views to the individuals traveling by road. With a delightful public display of mountain flowers and colorful butterflies, and minor rivers. It is a sight that is best enjoying while sitting close to the loved one.

Day to Visit the Place: The best fair chance to visit Ponmudi is from January to March.

5. The Silent Valley – Beauty Released

A group of vacation experiences that one will remember for a long. Visit the Silent Valley. Not like the busy hill stations, that is an essential part of the natural attraction. Here is the beauty that is not handled and very much preserved today. It is similarly home to wildlife and Kurumbar Tribes.

Silent Valley National Park is the most environmentally very different zones on earth. With some of the greenery, which is considered no place on the planet. Entry into the valley is officially allowed from the timing of 8 AM to 2 PM. The particular official permission is required to enter that can get on the spot from the Forest Department office at Mikkeli. One can also rent a Jeep from Mukkali to the valley for just Rs. 650.

Day to Visit the Place: The best reasonable chance to visit Silent Valley is from December to April.

6. Idukki – For Natural Beauty

Idukki is the most nature-rich hill station in the state of Kerala. It gives dissimilar attractions like controlled wildlife shelters, spice estates, mountain treks, and elephant rides, and many more. There are not so many hill stations that are close to Kochi and Idukki. But it happens to the nearest on travel here, as this place is a perfect fit for a refreshing weekend.

Day to Visit the Place: The best reasonable chance to visit Idukki is from October to February.

7. Thekkady – For the Rich Flowers And Animals

It is on the wild side of Kerala is well known for its Flowers. It is the colorful hill station that gives a lot of peace of mind. It is the 120 years old ‘Surki’ dam worked across the Periyar Poorna in Vedic speech is a huge vacation spot reserve is spreading over a territory of around 777 square Kilometer to take place by a lake over a zone of 25 square kilometers. The Country’s sole Tiger reserve in Thekkady. With its large fortunes of tropical vegetation. It is definitive funds of many seriously at risk of extinction species-rich from birth culture. Thekkady is a beautiful ideal on earth for the people. Who is love nature in its wild signs?

Day to Visit the Place: The best reasonable chance to visit Thekkady is from September to May.

8. Lakkidi – Set out on Foot

It is existence small in size, one of them alongside Lakkidi in the state of Kerala. Otherwise, it is called one of the most popular hill stations in Kerala. It tells that one can investigate the whole spot by walking. Witness the fascinating landscapes with friends and family.

Day to Visit the Place: The best fair chance to visit Lakkidi is throughout the winter season as there are less humidity and a pleasant climate.

9. Peermade – A Peaceful Getaway

A tiny yet quiet hill station in Kerala sits calmly in the middle of the grand and rich landscapes all around. One has ample choices to exploring here. For example, Thrissanku Hills, Grampa, and Peru slopes are known after Sufi Saint Peer Mohammed’s well-known personality.

Day to Visit the Place: The best reasonable chance to visit the place of Peermade. It is throughout the summer season when the average temperature varies from 15 to 5-degree celsius.

10. Gavi – For Praising the View Points

Another place for admiring the natural calm that lies in the area where there is Kerala is the hill station of Gavi, which is in the Pathanamthitta District. With so many locally available activities like River rafting, trekking, wildlife exploration, Bird watching, Camping, staying in the treehouse, and backwoods safaris will the happiest person on earth for the decision to travel to this heaven.

Day to Visit the Place: The best fair chance to visit Gavi is from September till February.

So, this is vital information on the topic of Top 10 Hill Station in Kerala. Here I have mentioned the Top 10 Hill Station in Kerala with a day of visiting the place.

Kerala is a place of heaven and is a place for tourists and beauty. Kerala’s beauty lies in its people, culture, and Environment. The Environment of this place is Outstanding Views and the Hills stations. Facilities of Tourists accommodation and food is also available. The main thing is that the people of Kerala are beneficial.

So many 5 Star hotels and typical hotels are also available inkerala hill station places Kerala. The beautiful view of the hill station in Kerala is extraordinary. People are love to visit that place and enjoy the peace and beauty of the business. The Boating facility with accommodation is also available here.

If Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on the viewpoints.

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