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Five Places in Canada you must see before you Die


Five Places in Canada you must see before you Die: Literally a miniature collection of wonders of worlds in a small place, Canada is mostly renowned as the best place to visit in the World. From lakes, rivers to nature’s architectural marvels and more made by human beings, this is a place you must visit before you die. And not just Canada, its all plethora of places that are a wonder in themselves. And if you are confused about which ones to visit first, here are 5 places in Canada you must see before you die.

Five Places in Canada you must see before you Die

The Canadian Rockies:

A whole new place to embrace and curse you for not seeing this before, the west of Canada is far from gorgeous and beautiful, being just a segment of the Rocky Mountains. This is your ideal love sight to enjoy and feast your eyes to the wonderland. Over 1600 Km expansion and over 50 peaks to count, these mountains are roots on themselves and to another world of grasslands, dense forests and canopies, clearest of the waters and plethora of wild animals. 

Dinosaur Provincial Park:

The ultimate Jurassic park of Canada itself, which is the badlands of southeast Alberta, east of brooks. To see before you die, this place is a certified world-renowned soil site of fossils of dinosaurs, before the human beings existed, over millions of years ago. The place now favors the life of millions of reptiles, animals, amphibians and also a resource for several encyclopedias. Aside, it is always dry and shows rock formation till eternity. 

The Niagara Waterfalls: 

None want to miss the view of the Niagara Falls when one arrives in Canada and you shouldn’t even think of missing it. The gigantic waterfall view is just amazing with the huge rainbow that glows and 12 hours a day, as a constant 3D image. The waterfall is also a huge tourist attraction over millions and this is the last place you would like to see and then peacefully die. 

CN Tower:

CN Tower is a global place famous for the incredibly tall building with a wide variety of delights and living sessions inside it. All of its interiors are just designed out of pure glass, no matter if you are encountering the restaurants or the halls. Aside, the out of world scenery is experienced by viewing the tall Tower, right underneath. It currently is a photographic location to embrace and live with it. Just came to Old Montreal activities? Head over to Toronto Tower right away. 

Clearwater Lake National Park:

Our list never ends with a water body and Clearwater Lake national park is your delight to see before you die. The huge lake is just a wide ocean and can engulf you in your thoughts. The lake is incredibly clean and fresh that visuals you with its 11m depth and the beautiful fishes. Particularly used for sports and other amusements, this is another global famous lake whether you view it from the top or bottom, or even underneath. Clearwater Lake national park is also a wildlife water body housing to millions of fishes and other food sources.

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