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Halloween Kills Review in 2023


Halloween Kills, a direct sequel to 2018 Halloween, picks up exactly where the film left off. Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is currently in hospital. Michael Myers is still breathing. Haddonfield residents form a mob to pursue him.

There are many brutal murders of people with lots of bloodsheds. Fans of the series will enjoy this slasher flick.

Halloween Kills
Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills: Story

The 2018 remake of John Carpenter’s Halloween by David Gordon Green did a lot for the revival of the slasher genre.

It brought back Michael Myers (Nick Castle), the masked killer, to fight Laurie Strode(Jamie Lee Curtis), the vengeful, empowered heroine, for the 40th anniversary.

Halloween Kills is the third chapter of a planned trilogy that moves away from the meat-and-potato thrills found in the original films. This movie is all blood, violence, and gore. There’s no subtlety or nuance.

A mob of surviving Halloween characters has destroyed Haddonfield, Illinois. They don’t want to be avenged by Michael, but the survivors also want to heal from the trauma they suffered as victims of Michael’s fatal rampages.

Halloween Kills: Execution

In his 2018 Halloween reboot, director David Gordon Green reimagined Laurie Strode’s character as a trauma-toughened and vengeful grandmother.

Halloween Kills, his sequel to the original Halloween, places her story in Haddonfield instead

This approach is ironic in its simplicity, but it doesn’t work in Halloween Kills. The movie is not interested in bringing people back together and instead kills them.

It feels like a filler movie before we see the promised third installment of “Halloween Ends.”

The cast is excellent, and the deaths are intense and graphic, but they cannot overcome the lack of character development and narrative structure. This is, in a way, what makes “Halloween Kills” a bloody mess.


Jamie Lee Curtis’ return is welcome, but it won’t save this entry. The film was directed by David Gordon Green and co-written and produced with Danny McBride. In many ways, it pays homage to 1978 original.

Many actors will be reprising their roles for those who were there in 1978. Charles Cyphers plays Leigh Brackett, the former sheriff of Haddonfield who chased Michael after his death spree.

Nancy Stephens portrays Marion Chambers, an ex-assistant to Dr. Samuel Loomis who attempts to protect her family from the “boogeyman.”

Although Halloween kills is just as bloody and vicious a night with Michael Myers should have been, it loses some of its skull-crushing efficacy by trying to juggle rampant carnage and social commentary. It results in a string of excessively gruesome, over-the-top, and poorly placed beheadings.


Haddonfield is terrorized by Michael Myers, who delivers a fiery ending to the film previous.

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), her daughter, is in hospital, and Karen Strode (Allyson), her granddaughter, are forced to fight their nemesis.

The town’s anger is not the only factor driving the killings. Michael’s actions seem to mock an unspoken sick glee and brutally torture anyone that crosses his path.

Even the mob he forms from survivors of the initial attacks chants “Evil Dies Tonight,” which seems to be more about the power of force than the actual act.

Halloween Kills is close enough to be a great sequel, but it fails mid-way through and never gets back on track. It’s bloody, frantic, and entertaining. It sometimes feels incomplete. Although it is still pertinent to think about how people react to terrible events, this is a missed opportunity.

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