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Grumpy Greens Location [ Where To Visit ]


Grumpy Greens: This is a very small item. Last week’s TNTina’s Trial challenges saw us landing at massive items like The Rig.

The Hydro 16 Dam, and the ever-present challenge location Logjam Woodworks, but this week’s challenge will put your knowledge of the Chapter 2.

Season 2 map’s minor features to the test. Mowdown, a quirky little lawnmower racing circuit in the agricultural section of the map, has already been spotted.

Now we’re off to Grumpy Greens, a tiny eatery that’s easy to overlook.

So keep reading to find out where to get Grumpy Greens in Fortnite: Battle Royale, as well as a map, instructions, and location.

First, there’s the map. We’ll be passing through Pleasant Park to

the east. Look for two little trees along a ridge on the map, and go right by the northernmost tree. Here’s where you’re going to land

Even when you’re on the ground, it’s difficult to see. You’re seeking for three small topiary pieces that are close together.

You might not realise why this is a landmark if you’re just running about.

But let’s take a step back and look at it from above to get a better picture:

As you can see, the topiary is grumpy. What makes it so grumpy? It’s difficult to say.

It has a flavour similar to the pipe man, wood man, and hay man, three anthropomorphic landscape features we had to visit last season.

In some respects, I suppose they were a throwback to the rock family’s great travels from Chapter 1.

People will probably bash this object with pickaxes in the early matches, so make sure to land fast before you lose any orientation points.

If they’ve already left, simply walk around until the challenge is over.

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Grumpy Greens

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To finish the challenge, all you have to do is go here, and it’s not too far from the other spots if you want to accomplish them all in one go.

Regardless, this week’s challenges are very easy, so complete them as quickly as possible so you may choose between Ghost and Shadow for the loyalty quest.

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