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Top 5 Most Unbreakable Records in the Football History


Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some of the interesting facts on the Top Five Most unbreakable records in the Football history. Records are meant to be broken in the history of Football.

It is a famous saying called to be, but whoever said this has perhaps not been related to these football records. Certain records of Football are really meant to stand the test of time, immortalized in their victory and the establishment of the game.

These are the unbreakable records in Football that would almost require the superhuman quality of efforts to break, the kind of game that normal players would even have to think of. Here’s a list of Five such records in Football that will never be broken in the History.

1. Most Goals Scored

Most Goals Scored n football

Most of the football fans are mistakenly contribute this record to Pele but Pele is not only even the second on this list. The record in Football is actually held by a lesser known player of this game named Josef Bican. Notice to that all the players in the list made by their debuts in the earlier of 80’s.

The football calendar back to see the players then was more relaxed, thus enabling the longevity of players’ in their careers.

It is almost impossible for those of the players to survive at least 1000 game in the modern era.

Even if these players did come close to 1000 games, like Giggs and Paolo Maldini, then it would be the impossible thing to maintain the Bican’s scoring rate, which was an unbelievable and unbreakable with the 1.6 goals per game.

2. European Cups in a Row

European Cups in a Row

From the year of 1955 to 1960, The Team Real Madrid went on a rampage to play this game, by destroying the teams end route to their five consecutive European Cups.

It is because of their obsession to play with the Champions League stems. During those five years, Madrid enjoyed a stranglehold game over the European football team unlike any other team will and set them on their path to become the greatest European side ever. The European Cup’s modern era is equivalent, the Champions League, has yet to be defended even at once.

Forget in the five times; the teams cannot even manage to win this game twice continuously. Even the most powerful teams of football like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have failed. This record in football is something very immortal and will never be broken in the history of football.

3. Highest Attendance at a Football Game

Highest Attendance at a Football Game

In the year of 1950 World Cup final –  The teams of Brazil versus Uruguay. The event of this football game was the most commonly remembered for the more upset – It was called to be dubbed Maracanazo – is also remembered for hosting the highest number of the people in a football game.

The official attendance for this game is listed at about 173,850 tickets which were sold, but unofficial estimates of the tickets claim that almost 210,000 people were in that stadium.

Ticket policies and the safety concerns of the people were a little more reserved in the year of 1950 than it is in today’s game.

This opportunity was taken in full advantage of, and many of the people managed to cram in the stadium and fill the whole stadium more than was in maximum capacity.

Stadium disasters since the year of 1950 have seen a little shift in public think of safety and has helped to enforce stricter regulations on the match going crowds of the people. The colossal crowd seen on that game of fateful day will never be possible again in the history of football.

4. Highest Score in a Match

Highest Score in a Match

The match between the teams, AS Adema and SO l’Emyrne played on the year of 31 October 2002 which has been recorded by the Guinness book of world records for producing the biggest scoreline in the history of club football.

The match, were played in the Madagascar, was a part of a four-teams round started from robin tournament to determine the national champion in football.

SO l’Emyrne, disappointed at the poor refereeing in a previous matches, which dis fluency ended their hopes of becoming the champions of that match, it took to the match to protest against the biased refereeing. A most unusual protest in the history of football.

As soon as the whistle blown, the SO l’Emyrne teams proceeded to pass the game back to their own goal and score. The opposition teams were confused but the team had made their mind. They went on to score about 149 own goals leading to the game to a score of 149-0.

In the result of the match, the SO l’Emyrne team’s manager was banned from the game for about 3 years, and 4 of the team players were fully banned until the end of the season of that match.

5. Least wins in a Premier League season

Least wins in a Premier League season

This unwanted record of this game is held by Derby County. The years of 2007/08 season was a well fought gave the match to won, with competitive season. At least the team for 19 of the teams. The 20th team of that team, Derby County, was something of a down.

Over the courses of 38 games on that seasons, the team Derby managed to win only the one game against the team Newcastle. They lost 29 games by made another record, scored 20 goals and conceded on that match, an overwhelming performance of 89 goals and finally finished the season with only 11 points which was to be another record.

This match has to be the one of the most soul-crushing records for any other team could hope for it. It is unlikely that any team is going to be wins this game.

So, these are the Unforgettable and Mesmerized, the Top Five unbreakable records which made in the history of Football ever. If any Queries or Questions persist then please feel free to comment your view points.