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Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik’s Daughter Khai Looks Adorable In New Viral Pic


Yolanda Hadid can be seen holding 2-year-old Khai in her arms, while Gigi Hadid sits atop a horse.

Yolanda Hadid recently shared a series of pictures to give life updates after her 10-month social media break, via Instagram. In one picture, we get to see three generations of the Hadid family: Yolanda, her daughter Gigi Hadid and granddaughter Khai Hadid Malik.

Yolanda can be seen carrying 2-year-old Gigi in her arms while sitting Gigi atop a horse. The little one was dressed in her pink puffer jacket and boots as she enjoyed time with her family at the stable.

Yolanda Hadid’s New Post

Yolanda Hadid recently shared her precious family moments with her social media fans, emphasizing the value of quality time spent together as well as cautioning against overuse of technology. Additionally, she spoke candidly about keeping a safe distance from social media in order to focus on quality time with loved ones.

Her post reads, “After my 10-month social media detox, i am trying to find a healthy way of connecting with my online community without making it an everyday occurrence.

Posting and engaging on social media can take up too many hours of my day; maybe its the escape from everyday struggles but it also dissociates you from real life connections, missing out on real time conversations and blessings.”

Yolanda concluded by noting, “Steve Jobs did not give his own children iPhones for a good reason… Only time will teach us the consequences of phone and social media addiction, so in the meantime try to stay present, enjoy family time, have a cup of coffee with friends, put away your phone when with young children, make those around you feel worthy of your time and attention so together we can appreciate all that life has to offer.”

Learn More about Yolanda Hadid’s Family

In September 2020, Gigi and her then-boyfriend Zayn Malik welcomed their daughter Khai into the world. However, two years later they separated.

According to reports, Pillowtalk singer was accused of hitting Yolanda and calling her a “Dutch slut.”

Both Gigi and Zayn now share parental responsibilities for their daughter, with the supermodel often mentioning Malik in birthday and holiday-related social media posts.

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