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Fluke 59 ESP Mini Thermometer: Product Review


Fluke 59 ESP Thermometer Product Review: First of all I like to thank you all for visiting this article. Are you planning to purchase Fluke 59 ESP thermometer to check the temperature of machines or just like me you are purchasing it for a smartphone heating review.

I’m using a Fluke thermometer for the last eight months. So here are the things which I like, dislike, and worth mentioning about Fluke 59 ESP mini thermometer.

Fluke 59 ESP Thermometer: Product Review

The product is really good and they have also given a battery along with it so you can use it right after opening the box.We also get some paperwork and calibration certificate and a warranty card with it.It has a battery life of 4 hours in total. I have order this product from Amazon India and it cost me Rs. 1,980 and MRP mention on the box is Rs. 2,399.

In the Box

Fluke 59 ESP mini Thermometer comes in very premium packaging which include ISO 9001 certificate from Fluke itself, very basic manual, business email card to contact Fluke. Finally it packs with Energizer battery and Fluke 59 Mini IR thermometer itself.


The Fluke 59 Mini digital thermometer is the perfect product for electricians to do daily electrical installation and maintenance jobs. The Fluke 59 Mini Infrared Thermometer offers quick and reliable surface temperature readings. This compact and portable design enables technicians to easily carry, hold and operate the meter under industrial environment.

I am using it to take temperature readings of my phone while reviewing.And this thing gets that job done. It works on 9v battery with no heating issues at all.

Temperature Range

Fluke 59 thermometer works range is -18 degree C to 275 degree C (0 °F to 525 °F). I have tried this product on many things include cold water, ice, hot water, car engine, bike engine and many more. Trust me it works like a charm.

Battery Life

With single Energizer battery it can works for days. But if you are using it continuously then battery can max works up to 4 hours.

Display hold: It give you accurate temperature by holding it up to just 7 seconds.

Note: DO NOT POINT THE LASER IN THE EYE.(I did a mistake and accidentally reflected the laser from mirror right into my right eye and it was paining for 10-15 min badly.It has laser radiation so please don’t point the laser at anyone not even on animals!)

Price: As per the price is concern, Fluke 59 ESP Mini Thermometer comes with the price tag of Rs. 1,980 approximately in Indian market.


  • Great design.
  • Easy to Hold.
  • Always show accurate temperature.
  • Great battery life.


  • Price is little high.

My Final Words:

First, it is an industrial thermometer – it is not for checking body temperature. Good for checking temperature quickly when contact thermometer is not available. When compared with other (cheaper) items, Fluke is accurate. Worth spending few extra bucks. If you really planning to buy IR Thermometer then just go for Fluke 59 Mini thermometer.


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