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Flodesk Review: Why We Switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk [Full Case Study]


Flodesk review: We’ve discussed various topics on our site in the past, including travel, photography, and our passion for sustainability, to mention a few.

One topic we’ve never really discussed here is blogging and all of the complexities that come with it. It’s amusing, considering that the ‘business of blogging’ takes over 90 percent of our waking hours!

Why did we switch from Mailchimp to Flodesk for our email marketing?

flodesk review: However, we recently sent out our regular monthly newsletter, and we had a lot of positive feedback from our readers who said they liked the design and asked if we could share the platform we used.

We were ecstatic, given that we had only recently migrated from Mailchimp to Flodesk as our email marketing platform, and this was the first email we’d sent on the new system.

We fell in love with Flodesk and its excellent design-forward email system a while back, but we were still hesitant to send because we didn’t want to ‘break’ our mailing list.

Those responses reassured us that we’d made the right decision and made us even more enthusiastic about Flodesk!

Email marketing can be intimidating at times, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the correct tools at your disposal.

We felt there would be more of you out there looking for the ideal email platform for your company, so we hope this Flodesk review will be helpful.

This is our Flodesk review, which covers everything from why we switched from Mailchimp to the benefits and drawbacks of using the platform and how to decide whether it’s good for you.


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SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, to mention a few, are all effective strategies to generate visitors to your website.

But how many of them allow you to communicate with your audience on a one-on-one basis?

For various reasons, building a robust, segmented email list and communicating with it regularly is critical. It gives you the ability to:

• Communicate key messages to your most engaged readers

• Strengthen your relationship with those readers

• Increase your traffic to your site

Create a group of your site’s most active readers (they actively subscribed to your mailing list, after all).

We’ve discussed various topics on our site in the past, including travel, photography, and our passion for sustainability, to mention a few.

One topic we’ve never really discussed here is blogging and all of the complexities that come with it. It’s amusing, considering that the ‘business of blogging’ takes over 90 percent of our waking hours!

We’ve discussed various topics on our site in the past, including travel, photography, and our passion for sustainability, to mention a few.

One topic we’ve never really discussed here is blogging and all of the complexities that come with it.

It’s amusing, considering that the ‘business of blogging’ takes over 90 percent of our waking hours!

And what does an increase in website traffic implies? Increased audience engagement, more chances to convert readers, product purchases, affiliate, ad revenue, and a higher possibility of total business success.

Statistics show that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than social networking. Forty times in a row!

Consider this: the difference between giving a lecture to a crowd of people who might be interested in what you’re talking about… and hosting a workshop with a few people who actively signed up for your class and are invested and eager to learn more is the gap between social media or your website and your email list.

WHAT EXACTLY IS FLODESK? | flodesk review

Flodesk was created by two women who recognized the value of email marketing but noticed the limited and expensive email choices available to the expanding number of small internet businesses (can we get a hoo-freakin’-ray for women-owned businesses, especially in the IT industry?!).

That sparked a desire to bridge the gap between solid email clients and sleek email marketing, allowing small businesses to create beautiful, high-converting emails without the need for extensive resources or design teams.

With a design-first approach, robust automation, attractive opt-ins and forms, and a super-simple UI, the result is Flodesk, an email marketing solution made for creatives by people who understand the business.


The pricing plan of Flodesk is undoubtedly its most appealing feature.

It’s technically a set charge of $38/month, but if you use our discount link here, you can save 50% on your first year, bringing it down to $19/month.

That set charge includes everything, from designs to list building, automation to form creation, and it stays the same regardless of the size of your audience.

More on Flodesk’s price and why this flat rate pricing is so essential is explored below, but in short, this is a gamechanger!

You also receive a free month to try out the platform and see if it meets your requirements.


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We know there are a lot of MailChimp fans out there who think it’s a fantastic tool for their business, which is amazing. We’re just not like that.

We used Mailchimp for our business for three years (and a couple of years before that in previous jobs), and during that time, we never felt comfortable with it or like we were sending emails that we were pleased to send.

We always felt like we were fighting a clumsy UI, hitting our heads against the wall tweaking CSS customizations, or getting lost in the complicated backend system.

And, to be honest, the price was getting out of hand. The following were some of our significant annoyances:

We were always scared that we’d send a half-finished draught to our audience because of the clumsy, slow, and confusing interface.

• They didn’t seem right, even after hours of tinkering with CSS code and layouts.

• It was a hassle to segment and tag our list (or impossible, for certain things)

• Automation and form creation are not simple tasks.

• Once you start developing your list and moving up the subscriber levels, they get pricey.

• Why we switched to FLODESK and what FLODESK can do for us.


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As content creators and photographers, appealing images are an important part of our work.

It’s also easy for us to be drawn in by a sleek-looking, creative email that stands out from all the other emails we get each week.

Flodesk is all about good design, and good design that makes people want to buy from you.

Because their tagline is “design emails people love to open,” that pretty much sums up what they do, right?

Their templates are, quite simply, bloody beautiful. They’re up-to-date, easy to use, and easy to understand. They can also be made to look the way you want.

You can load your brand fonts and colours and make blocks that fit your needs, and they often work with top content creators to come up with new formats.

Flodesk’s designs are a) already beautiful enough that you don’t want to change much, and b) very easy to put together.

A pretty email isn’t the only thing that counts. With creative, interesting copy and clear calls to action, the best way to get people to do something is But an email that’s also easy to read goes from good to great right away.

Since we switched over, our open rate has gone up, our click-through rate has gone up, and our daily subscriber count has gone up too.

Any email that makes us excited to send out because it’s on brand and shows us how we try to do our best work is a good thing!


As we see it, an email marketing platform’s interface should make it easy for you to do the business tasks you need to so you can get on with what you do best.

You shouldn’t spend more time on things like building your list, making workflows, or automating campaigns than you do on writing content.

Flodesk follows the old adage that “better to do a little well than a lot of bad.” They don’t add a lot of useless features to what they do.


• The form builders are simple and easy to use.

• Each step is very clear and has a lot of help (kind of like Flodesk are holding your hand)

• Analytics are simple to read and easy to find your way around.

• They mostly use a drag-and-drop method to make the templates.

• There aren’t any complicated changes or CSS rules.

• A simple way to make things happen is to make workflows (also known as automation).

• Segments can be easily made, and there’s no chance of double-tagging.

Instead of worrying, you can make powerful marketing campaigns with a simple click of your fingers (okay, well slightly longer, but you get the point).

Analysis and reporting tools from FLODESK

We were a little hesitant to switch from MailChimp because their analytics are, to be fair, very good.

It turns out that Flodesk’s is just as good and so much easier to read than mine. You can see the “story of your send” by clicking “view stats” on the email campaign.

This brings up a detailed report of how your email performed. Everything you need to know about your open rates, click-throughs, link performance, and deliverability is right there in an easy-to-read format.

If you use Flodesk, you can see how many people open your emails on a computer or a smartphone. This helps you figure out how to format your emails for each. You can also send your email again to people who haven’t opened it if you want.

It’s very cost-effective

You can get Flodesk for just $19 a month for your first year if you use our 50% off Flodesk discount code (or type ‘THECOMMONWANDERER’ when you sign up) to get it for $19 a month for your first year.

After that, the price of $38 a month stays the same whether you have 100 subscribers, 100,000, or 1,000,000. This is very unusual when it comes to email marketing tools.

Other platforms usually start free or cheap when you have a small subscriber list, but then start charging a lot more when your list grows to more than 5,000 subscribers. This is how it works:

To build your subscriber list (aka your world domination empire), you don’t have to worry about whether you’re nearing a limit and having to remove people from your list or pay for a more expensive account to keep them there.

It saves a lot of time

We’re a two-person business, which means we have to wear many hats and work very hard at everything we do.

We don’t have time to mess around with complicated interfaces, make new visual assets, and the like.

We also don’t have an extensive marketing and design team to help us.

Flodesk does a lot of the work for us, so we can think about what to put in our emails instead.

FLODESK’s customer service is excellent | flodesk review

Thankfully, we didn’t run into big problems when we switched email platforms.

That’s also because Flodesk’s customer service is excellent. When we think of Squarespace, our website host, and their customer support system, we think of how much they’ve helped us a few times now.

You can get help from the Flodesk Help Center, full of step-by-step tutorials and troubleshooting guides. You can also get in touch with customer service by email.

There’s also a group on Facebook called Flodesk Insiders. You can talk to other people who run online businesses and the Flodesk customer service team pretty quickly, so you can get help quickly.

Because of the problems that come with using FLODESK.

Every platform has good and bad things about it, no matter what industry or service they’re in or how good their designs might be.

These are some of the things that we don’t like about Flodesk:

Some restrictions on customization | flodesk review

First, we had difficulty fitting our content into Flodesk’s template blocks rather than the other way around. It took some time to get used to.

You can’t move the blocks together if you want to put two images next with linkable text blocks or a button below each.

We did come up with a solution that worked, but it took us realizing that we had to fit our content to their templates, not the other way around.

If you have very specific or unique customization needs, you might want to play around with Flodesk’s free trial before moving over.

The Squarespace website doesn’t have an E-commerce integration built-in.

The following might be a problem for people who want to get automated emails for business: Flodesk doesn’t have a built-in connection with e-commerce on Squarespace or WooCommerce right now.

I think the same thing is true for Teachable! It does work with Shopify.

For example, when someone buys something from your online shop and sends an automated email, you’ll need to connect Flodesk to your Commerce or Business Squarespace plan through an outside service like Zapier.

This hasn’t been an issue for us so far, though, because we sell digital products on Squarespace (watch this space for some physical products coming soon, too!), and MailChimp was the same thing.

When you buy something on Squarespace, you can sign up for our Flodesk email list simultaneously.

ARE YOU RIGHT FOR FLODESK? | flodesk review

Of course, our review of Flodesk is all about how useful we found it for our own business. Yours might be very different.

To figure out if you should switch over to Flodesk (or any other email marketing platform), here are a few things to think about:

• What kind of website platform do you already have?

• Do you have built-in and third-party integrations?

• How good are you at technical things?

• Your money

• When do you want to send emails?

• Can you make your branding, social media, and other things work together in a way that makes sense for your business, too?

• Can you divide and organize your data quickly?

Deliverability- Is your chosen platform going to help you get your emails delivered?

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I hope you got all the information about why we switched our email marketing from mailchimp to flodesk.

If you have any query, please feel free to ask.

Thanks you!

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