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Family Chantel Might Go Downhill After Pedro & Chantel Split

family chantel
family chantel

family chantel

The Family Chantel’s future is uncertain, as series stars Chantel and Pedro Jimeno divorced after the most recent season. According to viewers, Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel shortly after, though viewers believe they officially ended things months later.

Now it’s uncertain whether or not the show can survive without Pedro and his family members present.

Pedro and Chantel had been The Family Chantel stars for several seasons before their relationship took an unexpected turn.

Between seasons 3 and 4, Pedro changed completely; from being all smiles during The Family Chantel season 3, to insulting Chantel and constantly putting her down during season 4.

She battled to save her marriage but ultimately found no success; ultimately losing him to divorce – leaving the future of their spin-off show in complete uncertainty.

Will Family Chantel Fans Welcome Pedro Jimeno Back?

Fans believe The Family Chantel may not return, regardless of whether Pedro is included in the plotline or not. After his split from Chantel, Pedro faced harsh and consistent criticism as viewers demanded he and his family be removed from the show.

Even today his current Instagram photos such as one selfie shared mid-January still bear many harsh words but now some supporters stand by his side: one angry commenter with dozens of likes wrote “Smiling like he just took all of Chantels money lmao,” another accused: “You see how American money does you good and GREENCARD does you good.”

Can the Chantel Family Survive Without Pedro Jimeno?

Now that Pedro has been labeled a user by many viewers, it appears he won’t be welcomed back to The Family Chantel.

However, it remains uncertain if the show could survive without him as his family made up half of its plot lines. Some viewers may not mind if Pedro’s family drama were cut in favor of Chantel’s antics instead.

Pedro played an integral part of the show, though his marriage to Chantel was originally the premise for its spin-off series. Unfortunately, without one of its main stars, it remains uncertain if it can continue without him.

As Chantel has yet to date anyone publicly, she seems unlikely to find chemistry with another onscreen partner any time soon.

Could Chantel and Pedro Jimeno Still Be Together?

One fan theory that could indicate the future of The Family Chantel is that Chantel and Pedro faked their drama and split for ratings purposes.

Recently, 90 Day Fiance viewers noticed Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa filming together despite their announced split, leading them to wonder how many other extended franchise couples may be fabricating or exaggerating their relationship problems for plot lines.

Some speculated Chantel and Pedro may have even faked their divorce since there was no way to uncover an official divorce record.

With confirmation that The Family Chantel season 5 arrives, investors will finally know answers to some pressing questions.

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