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“Everybody Loves Raymond” Child Star Sawyer Sweeten Death Cause? RIP!


Sawyer Sweeten’s Family Speaks Out After His Suicide: “He Will Live On in Shared Moments Forever”
Family members pay tribute to the “amazing, kindhearted and loving” Everybody Love Raymond star who took his own life at age 19; they share that his memory will live on through shared moments forever.

After Sawyer Sweeten’s tragic suicide at 19 years old, his family members are still grieving their tragic loss. Sawyer and Sullivan owned a home in Riverside, California but traveled frequently to Texas. On Thursday afternoon, Sawyer shot himself at a family member’s residence in Texas, PEOPLE has confirmed.

Since then, his Raymond costars have offered their support and condolences to the Sweeten family, all echoing Ray Romano’s sentiment: Not only was Sawyer a “wonderful and sweet kid to be around,” as Ray said, but his passing came as an absolute shock.

Madylin recalls how Sawyer was more than just a brother to her. “He was an inspiringly strong and selfless friend – when sharing our secrets together, Sawyer always had kind words of affirmation to offer. Our memories of those shared moments will remain forever in my heart,” Madylin shares with PEOPLE. “He will forever live on in my head and in those precious memories.”

Sawyer Sweeten Death Cause

Sawyer Sweeten

At 27 years old, American child actor Sawyer Sweeten passed away. Reports indicate his cause of death was suicide. Sawyer Sweeten Cause of Death, Sawyer was an American child actor who tragically passed away at 27 years old. However, exactly how Sawyer Sweeten died remains a mystery to this day; here you can explore Sawyer cause of death.

Maysa Sweeten, 16, shares that her memories of her brother still hurt today but they are some of the fondest I have and will remain in my heart and those of my family forever. There’s never a day that passes that I won’t think about him or miss him.” She concludes her tribute with a heartfelt message for her late brother: “Until we meet again, big bro, I love you!”

“Everybody Loves Raymond” Star Child Bio

Sawyer Sweeten Born in Texas, He and his twin brother Sullivan moved with their family to California when they were 6 months old. At 16 months old, they started working alongside Madylin (now 23), their older sister on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Name:  Sawyer Sweeten
Born:  May 12, 1995
Died:  2015
Age:  27
Networth:  $2 million US dollars

Sawyer Sweeten Networth

Sawyer Sweeten was an American child actor born on May 12, 1995 who tragically passed away at 27 years of age in 2015. Reports estimate his net worth to be approximately $2 million US dollars at his passing in 2015.

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1. How did Sawyer Sweeten pass away?

He tragically passed away due to suicide.

2. At what age did Sawyer Sweeten pass away?

At 27 years old, He passed away.

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