Home Business Elon Musk Guesses Who Bitcoin’s Mysterious Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto

Elon Musk Guesses Who Bitcoin’s Mysterious Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto


Elon Musk appears to concur with many others who believe that the cryptographer Nick Szabo, known for his extreme secrecy, could be Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic person who invented the digital currency bitcoin.

Elon Musk Guesses Who Bitcoin’s Mysterious Creator

When asked about Nakamoto’s identity in a podcast that was released on Tuesday, Musk responded, “You can look at the progression of ideas before the birth of bitcoin and see who wrote about those ideas.”

While the Tesla billionaire admitted he “clearly” didn’t know who invented bitcoin, he claimed that Szabo’s views appeared to have been crucial in the development of the most popular cryptocurrency.

According to him, Nick Szabo was arguably the one most responsible for the development of those ideas. “I’m not sure if it makes any difference that he says he’s not Nakamoto. However, he appears to be the person most responsible for the concepts underlying bitcoin.”

A pseudonym for a person or group of people who many thought could be one or more people, Satoshi Nakamoto originally introduced the concept of bitcoin in October 2008.

A group of linguists examined the writing of Szabo and ten other potential creators in 2014 along with Nakamoto’s bitcoin whitepaper. They discovered the outcomes to be beyond dispute.

None of the other potential authors came anywhere close to being a match, the researchers claimed, adding that “the quantity of grammatical similarities between Szabo’s writing and the bitcoin whitepaper is eerie.”

Szabo was also credited as creating bitcoin in a 2015 New York Times article. He has given public lectures on the development of blockchain technology and bitcoin, but he has always refuted accusations that he is the digital asset’s unknown creator. He also invented the “bit gold” cryptocurrency in 1998, which is another reason he’s associated with bitcoin.

Musk said he didn’t think the identity of bitcoin’s founder had much significance: “What really is a name? It is the name of an idea. Really, what does that even mean?”
He cited William Shakespeare’s proverb “A rose by any other name would smell as good” to support his point of view.

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