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Dorian Tracker Live Stream & Path


Dorian Tracker Live: Residents along the southeast coast of Florida are eagerly watching live streaming and radar of Hurricane Dorian as it approaches their homes as it lies straight off the shore of West Palm Beach.

Dorian, a category 5 hurricane as of 8 a.m. EDT Monday, forced mandatory evacuations in areas of Florida, as well as the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia.

Hurricane Dorian is streaming live from the Bahamas to Florida

Dorian Tracker Live

We’ll have Dorian live streaming along the southeast coast as well as live radar maps so you can keep track of where the hurricane is and how close it is to your neighbourhood.

If you have a few minutes to spare, I highly recommend reading Marshall Shepherd’s paper on why Dorian’s route was/is so difficult to predict.

Webcam of Port Nassau

After surviving 150+ mile per hour winds from Hurricane Dorian, Port Nassau is on the receiving end of the brunt of hurricane-force winds.

Delray Beach is a beach town in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Delray Beach is almost exactly west of Hurricane Dorian, and only a smidgeon south of it. As a result, this is possibly the most accurate forecast of what is to come for Florida.

St. Lucie Inlet, Stuart, FL – Live View

The St. Lucie Inlet is located about 50 miles north of West Palm Beach, Florida, where Hurricane Dorian is now centred.

Hurricane Dorian’s Live Track

CNN uses Google Maps and their own weather radars to provide live updated hurricane maps with all sorts of intriguing information, and it’s one of my favourite trackers out there.

The CNN maps feature the following:

• Currently available satellites

• Currently Active Radar

• Warnings And Watches

• Models of Spaghetti

• Winds Forecasted by European and American Models

• Chances of Tropical Storm Force Winds

• Radar for European and American Model Forecasts

Live Streaming of Fox News

This isn’t the same as the other options. The video below is essentially live Fox News coverage of Hurricane Dorian, which can be useful in lieu of watching TV and is especially useful if you’re on your phone rather than at home in front of a computer.

Twitter Feed of the National Hurricane Center

You’ve probably heard of the National Weather Service, but did you know they have a branch called the National Hurricane Center? If you have any Dorian-related inquiries, here is the place to go.

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